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Live-in care with Christies Care

Who has live-in home care?

Anybody who needs full time care and wants to live in their own home. With live-in care, you have a trained carer who lives with you; who is there for you 24 hours a day; who is there to help you to live life as you choose, in your own home. For our elderly clients, it means that they can carry on living at home, with their husband or wife, garden, pets, familiar circle of friends and neighbours. For our younger clients, it means that they can go to university, have a job, go to the pub, have a family life, and generally live life as they want.
You can have live-in home care for as long as you like: two weeks, a month, every now and again to cover while a family carer has a break, or for ever. It is up to you.

We are live-in care specialists

Christies Care specialises in providing fully trained and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checked live-in carers throughout the UK. Family owned and run, and Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered, we have over 25 years of experience in this specialised field.
We train all our carers to be companions, as well as to carry out the usual tasks of daily living such as cooking, laundry, light housework, and helping their clients get out and about. They give as much personal care and help with mobility as is needed.

What does live-in care cost?

It depends on your wants and needs, but the total cost is normally between £600 and £700 a week.

Who are our carers?

Our carers are just that, people who care. We have a rigorous recruitment process, but most of all we are looking for people who have the right, caring attitude. It doesn’t matter what previous experience a carer has, as all carers go through our in-depth five-day induction course where they are given the skills needed to go out and care for their clients. Christies Care is growing, so we are recruiting for new carers. If you feel you have the right skills and attitude, please look at our be a carer page, and apply.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to somebody about live-in care, please call us on 01728 605 107 or email us on care@christiescare.com

  • Testimonial

    I must express my entire satisfaction with the standard of the carers you have supplied - and the extreme levels of sympathy and care they have shown.

    Client relative Feedback Aug 2014
  • Testimonial

    She carried out her duties very professionally and has a lovely caring nature. My mother would be very happy for her attend again in the future if the opportunity arises. She is the third carer that we have had from Christies and we are very impressed with the standard of your carers, so far they have all been very professional and with a gentle caring nature.

    Client Feedback Aug 2014
  • Testimonial

    I feel well supported by the staff at Christies Care and have noticed over the last 5 years that the company and the support recieved are getting better. It is also clear that all office staff are well trained, which they pass on to us carers.

    Carer Feedback July 2014
  • Testimonial

    I think it is clear that my mother's progress and good health are due to the dedication of the care assistants that you have sent, I've really been very impressed.
    Christies Care is a fantastic example of how care for people should be delivered and managed. The training is excellent and the care assistants are well prepared for the work they do, which is so important to us, as well as to my mother.

    Feedback from client's daughter, July 2014
  • Testimonial

    I write to thank you personally for all your efforts in ensuring the seamless transition between carers well known to us, in looking after dad.

    The newsletters, birthday and Christmas cards sent by Christies to us, ensured that we always felt we had personalised care. I haven't seen a company like this before.

    Feedback from carer, July 2014
  • Testimonial

    I really enjoy working for Christies & I have been kept in work which I appreciate. It’s good being part of a professional well presented organisation which in turn makes me feel very confident about what I do.

    Feedback from carer, June 2014
  • Testimonial

    Things have worked out really well and have been completely beyond our expectations. We cannot praise Mum's first carer enough, she is going to be a hard act to follow. She is exceptional and a real credit to Christies.
    This is all new to us and we've been pleased with how easy it is.

    Call from client's son, June 2014
  • Testimonial

    As you know, your carer was the first full-time live-in carer my mother had, and I am sure it is not unusual for the recipient of care to be resistant to the idea at first. But she established an excellent relationship with my mother from the start. She was always kind, helpful and thoughtful, and quickly set up valuable new procedures, for example on cooking and meals. My mother liked her and was sorry when she left. She also established a friendly working relationship with the woman - officially the household help but she has over the years become a close friend of the family - who had been providing care on a part-time basis. My mother could not have got off to a better start with full-time live-in care.

    Email from client's son, Spring 2014
  • Testimonial

    Thank you for all of your help enabling my mum to stay at home. The carers you sent were brilliant and we consider them both to be friends as well as carers and I will stay in touch with both of them. Christies Care couldn't have done any more to make my mum's life better and it really means a lot. You made it worth living for her, everything just worked. Thank you.

    Call from a client's daughter, Spring 2014
  • Testimonial

    I would like to take this opportunity of saying an enormous 'THANK YOU' to you and all the carers for looking after Kim over many years. For the record, I want to say that the whole experience of Kim living in the community over a substantial period of his life could not have been successful without the pool of carers provided by Christies Care. I am totally convinced that it prolonged Kim's life no end, as the alternative of going back into a care home would have been the end for Kim.

    From client's brother, Nov 2013
  • Testimonial

    I want to emphasize how moved I was by the fantastic support I have received from the Blue support team. I honestly cannot thank Christies enough for the kindness shown to me through phone calls and one-to-one meetings.

    Email from carer, Winter 2013.
  • Testimonial

    Staff received appropriate professional development. We spoke with 8 care workers who told us that they felt they were provided with the training that they needed to meet people's needs. One care worker said: "Good training. Absolutely prepared me. I enjoyed it."

    From CQC Inspection Report, August 2013
  • Testimonial

    I would just like to say THANKS to my Yellow team and Mel Driver for supporting me through a hard booking and afterwards. My client died and I knew her well and it was much easier to cope with the situation when I knew that the team are with me and they are so caring.

    Letter from a carer, Spring 2013
  • Testimonial

    We saw that care plans and risk assessments were reviewed regularly to address people's changing needs and preferences. People we spoke with told us that they received regular visits from Christies Care local area advisors to review their care needs and ensure they were well supported. One person said: "They always speak to us. Check our preferred choices." One person said: "They do send someone to talk with us. Six weekly roughly." Another person said: "They always come and see me." One of the care workers we spoke with told us: "One of the best care plans I have come across."

    From CQC Inspection Report, August 2013.
  • Testimonial

    The commitment shown by the team at Christies Care to their staff training is second to none. The investment they have put into their training facilities is amazing. I was delighted to be invited to help focus the training as it shows how they put the needs of the clients first. I've been a client of Christies Care for more than a dozen years now and I couldn't praise them enough for the work that they do.

    From Dr Richard Farrar, a Christies Care client.
  • Testimonial

    The benefits are immense. Dad always has someone with him. I have the help I need and, crucially, I am able to enjoy my time with dad without getting too tired or irritable. We now have a much more sociable and companionable relationship. More father and daughter and less Nurse Ratched and patient.

    Jill Sinclair, daughter of a Christies Care client.
  • Testimonial

    Just brief feedback - but I think you know what I am going to say. Patricia couldn't have been better - both as a carer for mum and also as a carer for Christmas. She is very kind and patient and has a nice sense of humour. Christmas is a difficult time to be in someone else's house and she couldn't have gauged it better. She's looking forward to returning on the 27th of March and she joins Kate and Sarah as one of the carers who we would very much like to see in the future.

    Thank you for sending her our way.

    Email from a client's daughter, New Year 2013
  • Testimonial

    I like David very much. He is good in all aspects of his work and is very easy going. He is very kind and good to have around. I am very happy to have him back at any time. I don't know how you do it but you always find me good care assistants and they are also great companions and this is what I like. Thank you very much for your hard work, I am a very happy man.

    Letter from a client, Spring 2013.
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