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Live-in care with Christies Care

Established in 1987, Christies Care is a family owned and run live-in care agency. Rated outstanding by the CQC and registered with the Scottish Care Inspectorate, we have grown to be one of the largest providers of 24 hour, 7 day a week care in the UK.


A staggering 97 percent* of people do not want to go into a care home if they become ill or less able to cope.

“Every member of the family has found Maria to be the perfect carer for Evelyn and Dennis.”

Jan S. (family member), August 2017

“We all liked Melanie very much she was extremely conscientious and hard working and we look forward to her return.”

Jan S. (family member), August 2017

“You are doing an excellent job with Gill and I’ve seen a massive improvement in a short period of time.”

CMT Care Coordinator, September 2017

“I wish everyone kept their records as wonderfully as you.”

NHS Commissioning Support Service, August 2017

“We really appreciate the care my brother Matthew gets and thank our lucky stars. He is healthier, fitter and happier since Christies Care. 100 out of 100!”

Robert B. (brother of a client), August 2017

“Thank you for setting up the care package – you’ve all been so kind. I’m thrilled with Kristina and so is mum who’s had problems with carers in the past. Kristina listened to the other carer, the NOK and my Mum and has, with permission, changed the time of her ‘panic’ medication to early morning. Mum seems calm, happy and once again able to enjoy her breakfast.”

Daughter of a new client, August 2017

“Christies Care have been very helpful from the 1st phone call made through the assessment to starting care. They made it easier for me to make the decision to go for live-in care.”

Tom K. (client), December 2017

“As ever, Sharon’s stay went well. As well as the usual stuff she’s good at liaising with and working with the variety of agencies involved in my mother’s package and working in partnership with family. She’s committed to her work! The local CCG are most impressed with the care package provided by Christies.”

Brian B. (son of a client), December 2017

“Des was absolutely wonderful. He has been very strong, a great carer and he really did care for my dad, which was lovely.”

Tess J. (daughter of a client), October 2017

“I would like to let you know how highly we regarded Anita. Her sensitivity, empathy and powers of gentle persuasion made a big difference to my mum’s last few weeks.”

Roland T. (son of a client), December 2017

“Joan was fantastic – a great carer. She was definitely a keeper, as was Barbara. They were both really good and got on well with mum. I want to thank you all for all your hard work. I cannot fault you, the service was great!”

Vanessa R. (daughter of a client), January 2018

“Thank you for the care you provided my Mother, particularly Doris & Veronica. To have someone in the home overnight was imperative and making my mother as comfortable a possible was much appreciated. I am sure the kindness and care provided will continue with my Father. Your presence is very reassuring.”

Kathryn P. (daughter of clients), January 2018

“Christies is a fantastic company and your carers are fantastic too! I’m unbelievably happy and can’t praise Ashleigh enough. She is skilled, talented, gifted, very passionate about care and so professional. ‘Heaven is missing an angel as she is caring for my mum!”

Susan C. (daughter of a client), March 2018

“I would like to thank Christies, and in particular Kay, for all the assistance and care provided. We were very grateful for the flexibility shown which enabled us to fulfil Mum’s wish to remain at home.”

Anthony O. (son of a client), April 2018

“Bridget was fantastic with Sylvia and in return Sylvia really enjoyed her company. She gave me very little to do! It was lovely that she was happy to go to the hospital everyday and stay chatting to Sylvia. She wouldn’t leave her until she was happy that Sylvia was being attended to appropriately. She is a lady who goes the extra mile and we have enjoyed having her around immensely.”

Heather M. (family member), April 2018

“Thank you for all the help and care Christies gave my brother. The carers were helpful and sympathetic, and any problems were sorted very quickly.”

Jane S. (sister of client), May 2018

“A massive thumbs up to all my great support team from Christies Care Ltd. They go above and beyond to give me all the support I require. Long may it continue! I’ve been with them for 10 years now and although we have the occasional misunderstanding or issue we work through it together! I rate them extremely high as a care agency and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!”

Erasmus Habermann, Client, May 2018

“At the start I was horrified at the prospect of having people come into my home. But as soon as the carers arrived, the allocation of time throughout the day was so obviously carefully arranged that there was no problem. So instantly all my fears disappeared and that has kept up to this day – over 10 years later.”

Peter Carpmael, Client, June 2017

“Thank you for all your kind help while I was recovering from my recent ankle operation. Jacky has been marvelous – very efficient in every way, has a lovely personality and is a pleasure to have around. She is highly recommended!”

Les Swann, Client, June 2017

“Clare is fantastic. I asked Mum and Dad if live-in care had changed their lives and Mum said “YES IT HAS”!”

Daughter of a client couple, June 2017

“Thandi is amazing and all is going really well. Mum and dad are really happy.”

Daughter of a client couple, June 2017

“I am very impressed by all of the carers who have been and am very happy!”

Grace G. (daughter of a client), June 2017

“We’re so pleased with your carer, Stephen. He did so well and if/when we need respite care again we would love to have him back if he is available. We’ve been happy with our experience – both the care and your office staff.”

Fiona (daughter of a client couple), June 2017

“Janet continues to be a wonderful carer for mum. We are looking forward to having her back. Janet was very supportive when mum was in hospital recently and worked very well with some temporary extra care that mum was given, I know that they too appreciated Janet’s cooperation and her knowledgeable input. Janet knows mum so well that she made really valuable contributions when things were being organised for her.”

Janet P. (daughter of a client), June 2017

“Thank you very much for your help and I am delighted Christies were able to find a support carer for Dad at such short notice.”

Pauline B. (daughter of a client), June 2017

“All is well. Mum has taken to the carer, you could have not sent anyone better!”

Fiona C. (daughter of a client), June 2017

“I feel I get on really well with Sarah (Bookings Co-ordinator) and trust her. She does a great job booking carers for mum. So grateful I can talk to her.”

Mrs S. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“What a godsend Haru is! She is a lovely lady. I’m very impressed with her and she’s going to make a fantastic carer for Christies care. Len adores her – she is very articulate and intelligent. Needless to say we would love to have her back.”

Pauline E. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Christies have provided a great service!”

Diane H. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“We were blown away by Debbie, she is absolutely amazing and has coped really well with some difficult changes re: Mum.”

Robin W. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Alice was an absolutely perfect fit for my mum. Mum that she was energetic, spirited, proactive & very dedicated to her job. She helped a lot around the house, cooked, cleaned & most importantly kept my mum on track with her routine and her meds. My mum cannot speak highly enough of Alice.”

Natalia Y. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Thank you to the whole team at Christies. You were all great & I really appreciated your swift service. I shall certainly be coming back to you, should my mum have any further blips in her health in the future.”

Natalia Y. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Tracey and Bridget are absolutely fantastic! I have noticed that when they come into her room, S’s face lights up. They chat to her, joke with her, chivvy her along when she’s feeling a bit grumpy and manage to make Sylvia’s care look like child’s play. This takes an enormous amount of work and effort to achieve and to both of them I send my heartfelt thanks.”

Heather V. (niece of a client), July 2017

“Thank you to Cheryl (Bookings coordinator)for all your hard work in co-ordinating such great carers for my Aunt.”

Heather V. (niece of a client), July 2017

“I’m very happy with the carers we’ve had recently. My father is increasingly frail and very vulnerable so it’s great to have people I can completely trust.”

Daughter of a client, July 2017

“I wanted to say how brilliant you have been. I’ve spoken to 30 other agencies and you have been so flexible and understanding.”

Daughter of a client

“Since having Christies Care the carers have been very good. They have lots in common with both of us. Very pleased all round!”

A client couple, July 2017

“I would just like to take this opportunity to say how very impressed I was with Jessica, and how very lovely she was with my dad. His quality of life is so much better as a result.”

Anne R. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Janet has been brilliant and I’m very pleased as she was our first carer from Christies. We had not had a great experience with our previous care company so were very anxious but it has all gone really well.”

Kate B. (daughter of a client), October 2017

“All the carers have been brilliant, especially Joanna and Marion. Charlotte (Bookings coordinator) has been brilliant. I’ll be recommending you and will probably use you myself one day.”

Mary I. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Anna was brilliant. My Mum even got a little tearful when she left. They really got on well, it’s a shame Anna has to return to university as there is always a job for her with mum!”

Sue H. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Remi was amazing – really calm and seemed to deal with Mum’s dementia really well. For someone so young she really seems to cope, and Mum has been extremely challenging. Jeanne was also good and well liked and I’m pleased with how your carers have dealt with my Mum, especially their level of understanding regarding her dementia.”

Daughter of a client, July 2017

“Anna has been a god send, one in a million, she really has. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Mrs W. (a client), July 2017

“My mum got on well with Keren, she enjoyed her company. She delivered care in a professional and very caring way. She encouraged my mum in her mobility and addressed all her needs well, and she kept a very clean and tidy home! Mum appreciated her gentle and sweet nature and friendship.”

Jackie G. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“My mum got on exceptionally well with Katrin, she enjoyed her company and was sorry she was only with her for one week. Her experience meant she understood and helped my mum’s mobility and posture needs. She was very caring and did the job with empathy and understanding, she was a lovely companion for mum.”

Jackie G. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“We are very grateful for your work in the introduction and booking of carers to my mum. She feels comfortable in the way they care for her and enjoys the companionship of each and I guess you would call them a good match. Thank you.”

Jackie G. (daughter of a client), July 2017

“Diana is wonderful and we could not have wished for someone better. Mum has even improved since Diana has been with her. If we had interviewed 100 people I don’t think we would have got anybody better!”

Alan L. (son of a client), July 2017

“The carers are well trained which is a definite plus. The Sapphire Team and the entire set up are very good.”

Mr R. (a client), July 2017

“I would like to thank Christies for the care given to my father in the last few weeks of his life. The fact that he was able to spend the final few weeks in his own home meant a lot to my father and he was full of praise for both Kerry and Steve, the two carers he had, and Len their local advisor. My sister and I were also very happy with the care given and thankful for the peace of mind that our father was in competent hands.”

Gillian F. (daughter of a client), August 2017

“Mum is getting on very well with Juanita. I must say I’ve been very impressed with Christies’ level of organisation, and the handover procedure.”

Sarah H. (daughter of a client), August 2017

“Seme was a lovely gentle person who we were happy to leave in charge of mum. She kept her safe, made her smile and provided for all her needs. She was very polite, and took mum to activities etc. in the village. She cleaned the house fantastically! She clearly put Mums needs at the front of everything.”

Dr Mary-Anne M. (daughter of a client), August 2017

“Nicola seems to have got the measure of mum very quickly. Very caring and respectful but also has some great ideas for things to do. The fact that she can drive is fantastic. She has already starting getting mum a bit more active again. I am so pleased she is with us for the next 4 weeks – I feel that at the end of that we will have a much better idea of what a skilled carer can do.”

Dr Mary-Anne M. (daughter of a client), September 2017

“Heather is an absolute credit to Christies. Dad seems at ease with her and she works so hard to improve things for him.”

Tammy (daughter of a client), September 2017

“I was very impressed by your initial service & would certainly recommend you to other people.”

Julia Medhurst, September 2017

“Lynette was lovely! The whole family loved her but most importantly she looked after my father in law beautifully. He couldn’t stop singing her praises. I Would definitely recommend her for any care role.”

Jodie R. (relative of a client), September 2017

“Leon was great. I have a great interest in South Africa and the connection was great, he was a great source of companionship. This, coupled with his domiciliary care, was truly great.”

Mrs. R. (wife of a client), September 2017

We are live-in care specialists

Christies Care specialises in providing fully trained and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checked live-in carers throughout the UK. Family owned and run, rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), registered with the Scottish Care Inspectorate and members of The Live-in Care Hub, we have over 25 years of experience in this specialised field.

We train all our carers to be companions, as well as to carry out the usual tasks of daily living such as cooking, laundry, light housework, and helping their clients get out and about. They give as much personal care and help with mobility as is needed.

Who has live-in care?

Anybody who needs full time care and wants to live in their own home. With live-in care, you have a trained carer who lives with you; who is there for you 24 hours a day; who is there to help you to live life as you choose, in your own home. For our elderly clients, it means that they can carry on living at home, with their husband or wife, garden, pets, familiar circle of friends and neighbours.

For our younger clients, it means that they can go to university, have a job, go to the pub, have a family life, and generally live life as they want. You can have live-in care for as long as you like: two weeks, a month, every now and again to cover while a family carer has a break, or for ever. It is up to you.

Recent research proves that people who have live-in care are less likely to fall, and far less likely to have a hip fracture than people in residential and nursing homes. Also, if you have live-in care, you are far more likely to be happier, to have more freedom, independence, and nicer food.


Who are our live in carers?

Our carers are just that, people who care. We have a rigorous recruitment process, but most of all we are looking for people who have the right, caring attitude. It doesn’t matter what previous experience a carer has, as all carers go through our in-depth two-week induction course where they are given the skills needed to go out and care for their clients. Christies Care is growing, so we are recruiting for new carers. If you feel you have the right skills and attitude, please look at our be a live in carer page, and apply.

“A HUGE thank you for the beautiful box of chocolates that arrived today … a lovely early birthday present.

It’s my pleasure to work for such a professional, dependable, welcoming company. It’s one of the only times in my life I’ve truly been able to say: “I love my job”!

A massive thanks for all the support you provide and hard work you put in.”

Letter from a carer, April 2015
“I enjoyed my time with Christies, and am convinced it’s the best care company in the UK!

Many thanks to the training team, booking team, and much praise to Kathryn for quietly doing a most excellent job with patience and kindness.”

Letter from a carer, April 2015
“Christies Care is one of the best agencies out there. They provide training and many opportunities to complete courses and expand one’s knowledge. There is good support, the office staff seems to be better at listening and respecting carers.

They are interested in what is going on and always call back with advice should there be a problem. There is always enough work for good carers.”

Letter from a carer - April 2015
“I’ve always had work when I’ve wanted it, my team is fine, the booking coordinators are really nice and the clients have all been fine too.

I only have positive things to say about Christies Care.”

Feedback from a carer - April 2015
“A HUGE thank you to everyone at Christies. Being an Australian backpacker, I knew it would be difficult for me to set up a bank account and NI number and all of that other stuff but thanks to you guys (basically doing it all for me) it was so easy.

Also, travelling around Europe, I’m never stressed because I know when I go back to England your team always do their best to find me work. So my life-changing backpacking experience has been made 100 times more enjoyable and less stressful, thanks to Christies Care!”

Carer, Kirsty Starling - January 2015
“Very happy with everything to do with bookings. I love the support, absolutely love it!

I’m very happy that I have joined Christies Care. I’ve spoken with carers who work for other agencies and know that they don’t receive the same support.

The training is so fantastic. I found it difficult the first time as I’d only worked in an office, but I re-did the second week and passed. I wouldn’t think about changing agencies, and I always recommend Christies Care.”

Christies Carer, Denise Durrant Davis
“Happy with Christies Care, it’s all great. It’s the most efficient company I have worked for. Good training provided and good support to carers. There is always someone available on the other end of the phone. The admin and back up is superb.

In my opinion Christies Care is the nicest company I have ever worked for!”

Feedback from a Christies Carer
“Christies Care works well for me and I know the carers and the staff do a great job for their clients.

I have seen first hand how bad things can be with pop in agencies where the staff aren’t trained or supported properly. I’m so proud to be a part of Christies.”

Carer feedback - Nov. 2014
“Someone always answers the phone or email. Very good level of training & support.

I get enough work and I’ve already recommended Christies Care to my friend!”

Support feedback from carer - Nov. 2014
“I would always give Christies top marks. Other agencies do not provide the same level of training or support”

Feedback from carer, Catharina T. - Oct. 2014
“Christies Care are the most organised company I have ever worked with. Honestly, I feel you are the best!”

Carer Feedback - Oct. 2014
“Sophie conducted a brilliant interview. She listened well and provided all the information I needed. I was instantly convinced Christies Care was the best agency for me. The Recruitment Department as a whole are very impressive and really know their stuff.

The Training is the best I have ever seen. I have never seen such professionalism, hard work and compassion shown by a company before. I can’t wait to start my training!”

Christies Carer, Dawn - Sep. 2014
“Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for always being there at the end of the phone when I need you.

No other agency that I have worked for has ever been as good at support as Christies.”

A Carer on successful completion of Alzheimer's training - Sep. 2014
“Staff received appropriate professional development. We spoke with 8 care workers who told us that they felt they were provided with the training that they needed to meet people’s needs. One care worker said: ‘Good training. Absolutely prepared me. I enjoyed it’.”

From CQC Inspection Report - Aug. 2013
“I feel well supported by the staff at Christies Care and have noticed over the last 5 years that the company and the support I’ve received are getting even better.”

Carer Feedback - July 2014
“The commitment shown by the team at Christies Care to their staff training is second to none. The investment they have put into their training facilities is amazing.

I was delighted to be invited to help focus the training as it shows how they put the needs of the clients first.

I’ve been a client of Christies Care for more than a dozen years now and I couldn’t praise them enough for the work that they do.”

Dr Richard Farrar, a Christies Care client
“I really enjoy working for Christies Care. I’ve been kept in work, which I appreciate, and it’s good being part of a professional, well-presented organisation which in turn makes me feel very confident about what I do.”

Feedback from carer - Jun. 2014

How Does Live-in Care Work?

We learn as much as possible about you.

To be a success, we need to know as much as possible about you. The tasks you want or need the carer to do; the type of person you want for your carer; and enough about you and your personality to be able to find the right carers. We get this information over the telephone, email, skype or face-to-face, whatever our clients want, or whatever the situation demands. Often we send one of our Local Area Advisors to visit our client, to do a full assessment. This visit is free and carries no obligation.

You have your questions answered.

Our team is here to answer all of your questions. If you want, we will ask our local area advisor to come and talk to you and explain anything in detail. This visit is free.

We build a team of carers to look after you.

We know that one person can’t stay with a client forever. Everybody needs a break. So we build a team of maybe three or four carers, each of whom stays with her client for however long she and her client want (it may be four, six, eight weeks at a time), and then is replaced by another known and liked, team member. Over the years, we have found that a team of three or four is much more stable than the alternative of having one ‘main’ carer, who stays for a long time and is covered by a short term ‘holiday’ carer.

We start to build this team by introducing carers for a week or two at a time. This is long enough for our client to really get to know whether she likes this carer (and vice versa). If a client gets on well with her carer, the carer then can stay for longer. If not, the client never has to see that carer again.

Our mother passed away peacefully at home yesterday, surrounded by all her family.

Having your carers meant she didn’t have to go to a hospital or home, and for that we are so thankful.

Jackie, a client's daughter

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