The Carer/Client Relationship

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Yesterday our carer support team rang a carer who is in the hospital following an accident, to see how she is doing. She is recovering well and said that she has even been visited by the families of two of her clients; one is local to the hospital, so brought her her nightie, food, books etc. The other family lives more than an hour away by train but came up to see her when they heard she was in hospital. This is the sort of close relationship our carers can build with their clients and their families.


 One of the questions we get asked most frequently is “will I get on with my carer?”

As this example shows, the answer is yes. It is our job to do everything in our power to make sure you do.


We do this in three stages.

·         First, by only recruiting the right people. We sift through large numbers of applicants (in November alone, we had more than 1000 applications from potential carers, of whom we have accepted 32) to find people who are – to put it simply – good, caring people.

·         Then by training our carers to think in the right way. Throughout the week-long residential training course, and through the follow-up distance learning, the carers are taught to always focus on the client as a person, to put themselves in their client’s shoes.

·         Finally with our booking team.  They know their clients well, and also get to know the carers right from the start of their time with us. We tend to describe their job as being like a dating agency. Our carers all have the right caring skills and attitude, it is a matter of matching personalities. Our description of ‘a day in the life of a booking coordinator’ explains this well.

This process works. Our clients, and their families get carers they like, who they get on with and who become firm friends. Just like the carer we talked about at the beginning. She’s doing well by the way, should be out of hospital soon.