Coronavirus Update

On 3rd March, the government published a Coronavirus action plan.

In his address to the nation, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, said that a fifth of UK workers “could be off sick at the same time” and that “it is highly likely that we will see a growing number of UK cases”

If he is right, this would mean a shortage of carers for our clients.

Because our clients have one to one live in care in their own homes, the risk of infection is not as high as it might be in residential care, but we must take precautions wherever possible to avoid the spread of this virus. 

We have created a specialist management action team, here at head office, meeting every afternoon to discuss and implement the latest guidance from WHO, NHS, CQC and UKHCA*

We are in regular contact with our Christies Carers, clients and support staff, and they are of course concerned and avoiding any unnecessary risk.

All our Christies Carers and staff attend an infection control course as standard as part of their 11 day training.

Christies Care is going beyond all recommended steps to avoid our Christies Carers passing anything on to our vulnerable clients. We are aware of those Christies Carers who are travelling here from aboard and are following the government’s recommendations and stipulating that any of those that may be travelling through category 1 area to have two weeks isolation before starting work with us. Anyone travelling from category 2 area will be carefully reviewed.

What can you do?

One of the ways you can help to reduce risk is to increase infection control measures:

  • Wash your hands;
  • Declare all travel through category 1 and 2 within the last 2 weeks;
  • Declare all contact with anyone travelling through category 1 and 2 areas within the last 2 weeks;
  • Ask all visitors to the client’s home to wash their hands thoroughly on entering their home;
  • Carry hand gel when outside the home for client and carer use;
  • Are there any activities that the client engages in that may be worth cancelling in the short term? E.g. day centre visits, local community clubs and churches.

Whilst we are also making contingencies in preparation for high levels of staff absence, at present we are still very much business as usual.

We, the Directors and staff of Christies Care, very much value your support and cooperation during this difficult and unpredictable situation.

There is someone to talk to, should you have any specific concerns, please contact us.

Tel: 01728 605000

*World Health Organisation, National Health Service, Quality Care Commission, United Kingdom Home Care Association