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Established in 1987, Christies Care is a family owned and run live-in care agency. Rated outstanding by the CQC and registered with the Scottish Care Inspectorate and the Jersey Care Commission we have grown to be one of the largest providers of 24 hour, 7 day a week care in the UK.

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Physical Disabilities Care with Christies Care

If you have a physical disability, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an independent life and lead it to the full. Christies Care carers are there to do the tasks that you can’t do, so that you can do the things you can.

We train all our carers to carry out safe manual handling (to operate hoists etc.), as well as to give personal care.

With a live-in carer helping you, you can lead as full and as rich a life as you want.

Physical Disability Care: Sarah Gearing’s story

“I have been a client with Christies Care for over 6 years. I am physically disabled and a full time wheelchair user. I also have medical complications which mean it is vital that I receive a high standard of care.

“Prior to Christies, I had been let down by other care agencies and Christies was my ‘last chance’ before having to try and employ care assistants myself. I wasn’t expecting much but I needn’t have worried. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the care assistants had been trained to a high standard and were both competent and respectful.

“My carers assist me with all aspects of daily living, including accompanying me on social occasions, when they fit in without being intrusive. My booking co-ordinator has done a wonderful job over the years in matching the right carers to work with me. After all, we are all different and when you are going to share your home with someone who is caring for you, it is important that you get along!

“Having good care support has helped maximize my independence and enables me to get the best out of life rather than just exist. I have made life-long friends with carers who have become part of the family.”

“A massive thank you to all the carers who have enabled me to have a life worth living, and to Christies Care for providing a service that meets my needs!”

A Conversation with Rebecca Sullivan

What are you studying at university? What do you want to do next?

“I am studying psychology at university, which has been really interesting so far! It’s still early days yet but I think after my degree I hope to go into neuro-psychology.”

Why did you choose Christies Care?

“I chose Christies Care as it was recommended by a friend and the area care advisor explained to me about the service that they offered which gave me confidence.”

What were your hopes and fears about carers?

“Before moving to uni my family helped with my care therefore the idea of having outside care was both daunting and exciting. My hopes for carers was that I would be able to build a good relationship with, as this is live-in care I feel that it is important that both myself and the carer feel comfortable with each other. I also hoped that having carers would enable me to gain independence.”

Why or how has Christies Care been a success?

“Christies Care have been fantastic in allowing me to fulfil my hopes of uni life, the carers who I have had, have been wonderful in assisting me with my daily needs and participating in student life.”

What would you tell other people in your situation?

“I would strongly recommend Christies Care to anyone considering live-in care, the carers I have had have all been amazing. The thought of Uni in itself is scary and the idea of moving from home can be daunting for anyone- it has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. So anyone in a similar situation should simply ‘take a leap’!”

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