Our Local Area Advisors

TANIA BRYANTLocal Area Advisor
I’ve worked for Christies Care since a working holiday in 2004. I’ve been in my current role since 2013.

I love that there is so much variety – every day throws up something different.

I’m a National Trust and English Heritage member; enjoying great (free) walks in beautiful surroundings, with a nice cup of tea afterwards. I also enjoy travelling and reading. I am also ‘staff’ for my cat Sidney!

I have care experience myself and, over the years, have participated in many of the training courses offered by Christies Care, including induction and update training. So I like to think I can put myself in the carers’ shoes. It’s wonderful how one to one care can continue or improve a person’s quality of life – it doesn’t end with illness or accident, it just evolves!

HANNAH KENTLocal Area Advisor
I have been working for Christies Care as an advisor since 2006. I love meeting, and getting to know people – clients, their families and carers. I hope that the work I do goes some of the way towards helping clients and their families through difficult times.

It’s wonderful to see clients of all ages living their lives in familiar surroundings and, as much as possible and with the support of their live-in carer, having control over how they do it. I have the greatest respect for our carers who, in many cases, put themselves out and show great commitment in order to assist their clients.

It’s very satisfying when things are running smoothly and when client and carer just ‘click’!

Outside of work I am lucky enough to be a trustee for an amazing charity called ‘Heart & Soul who work creatively with people with learning disabilities, putting them at the heart of everything they do. I recently got married and between us we have six children ranging in age from 8 to 20 years old so I’m busy with chauffeuring and diplomatic duties!

I love getting out in the countryside, especially by the sea; camping when weather permits and getting lost in a good book.

JACLYN BAGGOTTLocal Area Advisor
“I started work for Christies in April of 2002 as a filing Clerk and moved on to become an Admin Assistant. At the end of 2009 I became a part of what was, at the time, called the Client Care Advisor team before becoming Local Area Advisor Manager in the August of 2014. In the summer of 2017 I decided that I wanted a change and I stepped down from the management role to become the Local Area Advisor for Suffolk. A job I can honestly say I truly enjoy.

When I visit carers and clients I often feel privileged to see the difference that having a live in carer can make to someone’s life and to feel part of the team that made that happen is very rewarding.

I enjoy travelling and have been lucky enough to spend time in Australasia, Asia, Africa and South America. However, having become a home owner in 2015, my travelling days may have to be curtailed slightly, but not completely!

In my spare time I enjoy looking after the veggie patch in my garden, walking and going for a bike ride as well as reading a good book.”

I have worked with Christies Care for 12 years now, the last 10 as a Local Area Advisor, the job I truly enjoy. Two days at work are never the same and I can pretty much structure my own working days and weeks.

Being an advisor has meant I’ve met so many people and seen so many places that normally I never would. There is something extremely pleasurable about driving down the coast on a nice summer’s day and thinking “this is part of my job”! Well, there are moments when stuck in traffic on the motorway, you wish you’d stayed at home, but I try to focus on the positives.

Seeing the difference having a live-in carer makes to people is very uplifting as well as thought provoking. It is so great to see a good bond between carer and client. Although I like to think I took a little part in creating this, I think our carers are the heart of Christies Care – they make good things happen. Meeting people with life changing conditions puts a different perspective on life and its everyday problems. It is definitely an eye-opening process.

My free time is divided between house renovation (this tends to go on for ages), running, baking cakes, watching a good movie and reading a good book.

JOHN HATSWELLLocal Area Advisor
While working for a firm of solicitors in Hertfordshire practicing Criminal and Family Law my wife and I became aware that my step-son – who when very young was told that he had a Cyst on his brain and that subsequently he would experience challenges with learning – would likely benefit from support other than that which the local authority could provide. I spent six years being his main carer and happily, he is now living independently. Wishing to resume a career utilising my experience from both outside and inside the provision of care, I applied to and joined Christies Care in 2011.

Over the past four years I, like all of the office staff who work for the company, have completed the same induction course as new care workers, the same update training, the same Dementia, Parkinson’s, Mental Health, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis awareness courses as well as Emergency First Aid and I intend to enrol in all of the remaining courses Christies Care offers. When I meet with both prospective and existing clients I hope to be confident that I can provide the information when it is needed and where it is asked for.

I enjoy my work and the variety it offers but above all, witnessing the relationship that develops between those supported to remain independent and those that provide the support is the most satisfying part.

BRYAN ELLISONLocal Area Advisor
I have worked for Christies Care since 2003, firstly as a care worker and now as a local area advisor. I used to get asked a lot by my friends why I work in the care industry and my answer was, and still is, that I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I have made a difference to someone’s life.

I feel that being a live-in carer has a life span and it depends on the carer and their circumstances how long that life span is as you do have to give up some of your independence to assist others with day to day living.

I believe I was coming to the end of my life span as a live in carer until the opportunity to become a LAA arose. It has given me the best of both worlds – I still feel as if I’m part of the care package, getting satisfaction from assisting people but also having some time to myself again.

Outside of work I love sport ,especially football and Newcastle United, and going to festivals like Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight festival.

STEVE ELLIOTLocal Area Advisor
I first joined Christies in 2003 and I’m happy to be working for them still.
I enjoy working for a company who genuinely makes a positive difference to people’s lives and I have the privilege of witnessing these differences and their positive effects every day.

As a live-in carer myself for ten years I understand the hardships and sacrifices made by those who choose to take on this most anti-social, and at times thankless of jobs; but I also appreciate the rewards and satisfaction it can bring, especially to those who fully understand their role and how to best utilise the working structure that is offered with being a live-in carer.

I love living in London and I love to travel – the latter being something I did a lot more of when I was a live-in carer.

“I joined Christies Care in August 2015 as a Local Area Advisor. My background has always been in Care, having previously worked as a Health Care assistant for the NHS which was quite challenging at times.

Working for Christies Care is such a rewarding job, knowing that I’m helping people to remain living independent lives within their own home environment by providing one to one, 24 hour, live in care.

When I’m not working for Christies I enjoy travelling, socialising and am a voracious reader.”

“I joined Christies in 2018. I am proud to be part of an amazing team, dedicated to helping others.

My younger sister has ME and a dear friend lives with MS. The experience of supporting them through difficult times and empowering them to live life as fully as possible is what helped to inspire me to become an Area Advisor for Christies.

In my spare time I am a ‘Pets as Therapy’ volunteer, offering comfort and companionship with my two dogs, ‘Maisie’ and ‘Roux’.

When not working in my local community, I enjoy walking in the countryside or at the beach, reading detective novels and visiting the cinema and theatre. Time with my family usually involves a hearty meal and lots of laughter.”

RUTH BARNARDLocal Area Advisor
“I joined Christie’s Care in October 2018 after a 14 year career path in social care.

In 2004 I started work as a support worker in a respite and supported living setting for adults with learning disabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed this work and stayed in this role for 11 years before moving on to a role as a manager for a home support service covering South Norfolk. The service was in its infancy when I took it on and I embraced the challenge of developing the service whilst managing a team of support workers. Prior to joining Christies Care I worked for local government as an assistant practitioner.

I’m really looking forward to a new challenge with Christies Care, ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of care and remaining as independent as possible in their own homes.

In my spare time I love gardening, walking, cooking and socialising.”

“After spending most of my life managing offices and supporting other people’s businesses, I felt a strong need for a deeper connection and direct involvement in helping people to live their lives to the fullest. That’s when I joined Christies Care as a live-in carer, in April 2019.

As a carer I had a chance to help people in their day to day tasks and support them in their challenging moments. I dedicated my full time to this cause and I was honoured to meet extraordinary people, learn from them and offer them a hand at the same time. But I still felt that there was only so much I could do to help them feel better.

When the opportunity of becoming a Local Area Advisor arose I reached out for it without hesitation. In this new position, I can see Christies’ caring approach from a wider perspective. I can now be the bridge between the person in need and the professional care provider, helping both sides to create a matching, harmonious environment.”

GEMMA CHAPMANLocal Area Advisor
“I joined Christies Care in November 2019 as a Local Area Advisor for the Essex area.

Last year, I gained a Masters degree in Psychology which provided me with an immense insight into the human mind and behaviour.

Prior to this role, I cared for and supported people with learning disabilities, mental health difficulties, as well as individuals with behaviours that challenge. I found empowering individuals to live as independently as possible and engaging them in meaningful activities, immensely rewarding. This also provided me with the valuable experience of working in partnership with many different professionals who are involved in someone’s care.

I thrive when working with a diverse range of people and cannot wait to carry this on as a Local Area Advisor. I hope to support and provide people with a better quality of life so that they can continue living in their safe place – Home.”