This Christmas, the Christies Care staff are getting into the spirit of giving by holding various charity events with two coming up in the next few days.

Charity Santa Run

On the 8th of December, staff from our new hourly care agency in Hampstead & Camden along with one of our local area advisors will participating in a charity Santa run in London.

They’ll be running in order to raise funds for of the Royal Free Charity, which provides support through trained volunteers, additional equipment, improved environments and patient based research.

“Hi all

In a moment of madness I agreed to run 10k in London on the 8th of December, but it is all for a good cause!

I need to raise a minimum £100, so please can you help! I know you will!

Have a look at the link below. I will be representing Christies Care and I will be joining our new colleagues based in London.

In return, I promise to send a photo of myself looking ridiculous in an Elf costume (including a hat).

Thank you all in advance!”

Isabella Kwiatwowska, Local Area Advisor

Royal Free Charity logo

At time of writing, they’ve raised an amazing £706.98.

You can help them reach their goal of £1,000 for this great cause by donating directly to their JustGiving page.

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Royal Free Charity so that they can put your generosity to good use!

Thank you for your support!

UPDATE: 20/12/19

“Thank you very much to all that donated monies for the 10k Santa Fun Run. We have raised over £1000, which is great! Thank you so much again. As promised, I am sharing a picture of me dressed as elf. Hopefully it will make you smile!

It was a really great day and weather was very kind. The sun was shining on the hundreds of Santas running around Victoria Park. It was a heart-warming sight: so many people braving the wind to raise money for various charities.

I joined Carla and Amrit from the Hampstead & Camden hourly care branch of Christies Care as well as a few of the guys from the Royal Free Charity. We all crossed the finish line with a sense of pride and achievement. And had couple of mince pies to celebrate!

I know, physically, I am going to regret it probably, but I look forward to next year’ run.

Thank you all again for donating, as always you all rose to the occasion.

Have a great Christmas!”

Isabella Kwiatkowska, Local Area Advisor

“Thank you so much for supporting The Royal Free Charity at the Santa Run on Sunday.

It was such a lovely morning and we thoroughly enjoyed cheering you all on! We hope you had a lovely time too! Well done! I have just taken a look at your fundraising page and the amount you have raised so far is fantastic! The money raised will go towards making Christmas special and bringing it to the hospital. We are so appreciative for your support. It was lovely to meet you and hope to see you next year.”

Tanya Abrahams, Fundraising Officer – Royal Free Charity

Raised to date!

CLIC Sargent Charity Day

In the Christies Care office, we are also having a fundraising day for CLIC Sargent.

CLIC are a fantastic charity who help children and their families who have been tragically diagnosed with cancer.

The 6th of December is ‘Silly Socks and Barmy Bonnets’ dress up day. The clue is in the title! Everyone will be wearing wacky socks and crazy hats to work, at the cost of just £2. There is a prize of a box of Heroes for the silliest socks and the craziest crowns!

We will also be having a cake sale and hosting a raffle.

At the time of writing, we have raised an amazing £738.13, including gift aid.

The target is £1000 so we’re nearly there!

CLIC Sargent Logo

UPDATE: 20/12/19

“A huge thank you to everyone who has donated over the past few weeks.

I am totally blown away by how much money all you wonderful people have helped raise!

With our charity day and the raffle, Christies have raised an enormous £307.40!

The total is now on £1,122.90. If you include the gift aid it’s a whopping £1,261.28!!

This is such a worthy charity, and this amount of money will help so many families.

Just to let you know, £35 supports a family to stay with their child in hospital for a night so we really have helped lots of people!

It means more than I can say that all of you have been so incredibly supportive and generous – thank you very much”

Lauren Dewing, LAA & Admin Manager