On Valentine’s Day, Christies Care helped to win the fight against heart and circulatory disease by holding a British Heart Foundation Day to help support the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) lifesaving research.  We’ve raised a fantastic £446.32 so far!

In honour of Christies Carer Susan Atkinson, who sadly passed away last year, the office staff and carers got together to raise funds and awareness.

Heart disease is a very real risk for many of us and we wanted to have some fun whilst learning about what we can all do to help ourselves and each other. All in memory of Susan.

We wanted this day to be fun but were mindful of the fact that more research needs to be done to explore heart disease.

All the office staff joined in by:

  • Fancy Dress (Red and Pink) – Red for the BHF colours and the heart symbol, but also pink as this was Susan’s favourite colour.
  • Fit Bit Challenge for the week – Staff who have a fitbit (or other step-counting device) have been doing a work week challenge to see who can get the most steps in. Amazing footwork was shown by Victoria, Bernie and Cheryl, but Hannah Kent was the runaway winner with an amazing 54,109 steps!
  • Food – A healthy ‘Pop Up’ restaurant in Runnel House where Lis and Kate cooked up chilli and wraps with vegetarian options, and Nadine and Claire baked delicious scones and cookies. All sold out by the afternoon.
  • A Raffle – With prizes kindly donated by staff and local businesses.

There’s still time to help us: any donation you make will go towards funding research that will bring down the shocking statistic that more than 7 million people in the UK are currently living with heart and circulatory diseases. And that 25% of the population sadly pass away from them.

Give whatever you can now. Help us save lives.


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