From time to time, our clients and their carers let us know what they’ve been up to or share how having a live-in carer has helped them to keep doing what they love. Here are a few:

Christies Care client, Bill:

“Music is my life.  I credit my recovery after stroke to it.  I admit I can become so engrossed in playing and arranging compositions that I can forget the time!

My live-in carers take care of the smaller things so I can concentrate on music.  They ensure I don’t miss meals and cups of tea.  If I get carried away listening to opera (that may get a bit too loud for the neighbours) they kindly remind me I have headphones.  They also accompany me to concerts.

After music, the next most important thing in my life is my cat, Merlin – though this is a close tie with the cricket, when England are doing well.  My carers help me with him.  They feed him, ensure his water bowl is fresh, brush him, change his rug, arrange his cushions, let him in and out of the french doors – and see that my jumpers are hair-free when I go out!”

Bill’s carer Dave added:

“Merlin shows his appreciation of us by bringing a present of a little mouse now and then through the cat flap.”

Christies Carer, James McGowan:

“One of my clients has customised his wheeled frame into a red, push-along Ferrari. I managed to get some wing mirrors for him and even number plates too.

We ‘took it for a spin’ together on a trip out to the Ferrari Showroom in Mayfair. It really made his day! The red Ferrari in the background is an F1 limited Edition – priced at £1,5000,000 with only 130 made in the world.

We now go out twice a day –  0 to 60 in less than 3 hours!”

His racey client added:

“I walk with a wheeled frame when out, as my left leg can drag after I had a stroke.

My live-in carer helped with the design, inspired by Ferrari. The add-ons were initially some fun, but the mirrors help me see who is coming up behind me on a crowded pavement. That way I don’t become startled, or unintentionally weave across them.

The number plate is unique I believe and the colour red, of course, means it goes faster!

The gloves aren’t just for the cold – all racing car drivers have them.”

It’s also been a busy time recently for one of our clients, Harry.

At Halloween he won the fancy dress competition at the day centre he visits.

And, in late November, Harry and his carer were guests of Christies Care at the Prospers Essex Care Sector Awards.

We love hearing from our clients and carers!

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