All of the office staff at Christies Care are now “dementia friends”

During Dementia Awareness week, everybody in our head office went to Dementia Friends sessions. These were run by Helen Drain and Colleen Louw, who are both accredited Dementia Champions and key parts of our carer training team.

The Dementia Friends project is run by the Alzheimer’s Society, and is:

“a programme to create a climate of kindness and understanding, so that everyone affected by dementia feels part of, not apart from, society.”

One of the key, take-home messages is that you should think of the person, rather than the disease. In society, we are too quick to focus on the disease, rather than the person who has the disease; to focus on what people can’t do rather than think about what they can do.

As a caring company, we certainly understand the importance of this. This is one reason we made sure that everyone, from our IT team, through our client-facing teams to our accounts team has this basic understanding of dementia.

The other reason to make sure that everyone in our office has a good knowledge of dementia is to be able to understand better the wants and needs of our clients. Why? Because the majority of our clients have some form of dementia. It is extremely important that everyone in the office understands about the condition, and has the right attitude.

Our carers too are all Dementia Friends, because it is the carers who actually look after our clients with dementia. In fact, the carers get much more training than that.

Every person who wants a live-in care job with Christies Care must go through a full two day dementia course. This is the most in-depth course of its kind in the country. We even offer a follow-up course consisting of ten units of distance learning, where the carers learn how to adapt the general principles to their clients.

If you want to be a Dementia Friend, please look on the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends website for details of an event near you.