Hobbies and Interests

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Throughout our lives we cultivate interests in a wide variety of activities, some of which we come to early, for example I’ve been a keen reader for as long as I remember, others we discover much later – my Gran learned to paint in her 60’s and carried on right up until she got ill.

For our carers knowing what it is that you enjoy doing now, and have enjoyed throughout your life allows them to come up with suggestions to keep you entertained. There is nothing wrong with spending time in front of the TV if you enjoy it – but if you don’t you’ll quickly become bored and lack of stimulation can make the days very long and life seem very dull.

Knowing what you enjoy doing allows us to match carers with similar tastes, for example:
Mrs G is an artist with a love of modern art and one of the best matches we ever made for her was sending her a carer who taught art in South Africa before moving to the UK.  They take regular trips to London to tour the museums and galleries and can spend hours discussing the merits of different artists; the debates can get quite heated!

A client who has come to us recently can’t get out as much as she’d like, but she loves to sit and have a “knit and natter” with her carers. They’ve even started thinking about knitting items for the local charity. Though Mrs W struggles to leave the house her carers make sure she has a regular supply of wool and patterns and they try to spend at least an hour a day knitting together.

One of our clients GK is a huge cricket fan and gets on best with carers who also enjoy the sport.  He likes to take regular trips to watch live cricket and having a carer who also enjoys the game makes for a fun day out for everyone.


Life is far more interesting when you can pursue the things that make you happy, and age and illness shouldn’t be a barrier to this.  Staying at home means you can stay surrounded by the things and people that make you happy. Having one on one care from a carer matched to your needs and interests means that you get to do what you are interested in, not what a group of people choose to do.

images courtesy chidsey on www.sxc.hu