Jem and Jo are the children of Christies Care clients. The clients? Their mother and father who are both living with Alzheimer’s.

This year over 110,000 people walk united, against dementia. We aim, with your help to raise over £9 million to help anyone affected by dementia.

“On Saturday 22nd September, my brother and I are walking for The Alzheimer’s Society at the Leeds Memory Walk.

Please, if you have time, read the rest of our family’s story below and, if you are able, a donation to The Alzheimer’s Society would be fantastic.

They are at the forefront of research and offer help to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Thank you. Jo x”

Jo Lee, Daughter of clients

Our family’s world has changed considerably over the last few years. It started slowly. First my mother, then, not long after, my father, both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

As their conditions progressed, my brother and I were trying to fit in extra support whilst working full-time, we also utilised the help of local carers a couple of hours a week. It was tough, we were always on edge, waiting for ‘that call’.

However, on 2nd January 2018 after a particular incident in the night with dad – it was deemed necessary that I move in to give them the 24/7 support and care they so desperately needed. We wanted to keep them together at home in familiar surroundings for as long as possible… for now we have found a way to do this…

Looking after two parents with dementia has been incredibly challenging, both physically and emotionally but I have coped. It has also been incredibly rewarding. However I realised that if I became ill the parents would be in a bit of a spot.

After lots of research I came across Christies Care… we haven’t looked back… I care 3-5 weeks full on and then one of the fantastic carers from Christies comes to live-in for a week or two to give me some respite – time out with my partner, a chance for us to have our life.

I was hugely apprehensive at first, two very vulnerable people, home alone with a ‘stranger’ but we have been absolutely delighted with everyone we have had contact with at Christies, right from the initial assessment to meeting the carers. Everyone has been professional, efficient and friendly and full of common sense. I can now go away for a much needed break feeling confident that mum and dad are happy and safe and getting the very best care in their own home. Everything is now doable.

So to Christies Care… a huge Thank You! We are delighted with the caring service you provide for our family, your support is invaluable.

Thank you.

Jo x

“We’re walking for our parents, both with Alzheimer’s, for Alzheimer’s Society because dementia affects whole families, it affects us all!

Please donate whatever you can.”

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