Christies Care Benevolent Club

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Christies Care is proposing setting up a club to make grants to carers who have fallen into unavoidable financial hardship.

A fund would be established whereby all our carers make a small contribution for each week they are at a client. Christies Care would match the carer’s contributions pound for pound. This club will belong to our carers and will be run by a committee of carers who will decide where the money goes based on circumstances. Christies Care’s management input will be admin and oversight only – we will make no decisions on any requests.

This is a project for the carers’ benefit and we need active agreement to it if we are to proceed. To that end an online survey has been set up.


A letter from the Chairman

Hugh Gathorne-Hardy, Chairman - Christies Care Ltd

Dear Carers

Firstly 139 of you have already replied to the survey and 80% of your replies want us to go ahead and explore further how the benevolent club will work in detail.

That’s very encouraging, but we do want opinions from the rest of you: 139 isn’t enough to progress the project further.

If you haven’t yet replied to our survey, I urge you please to do so as soon as you are able, using the link at the bottom of the page

We have had lots of comments and questions, too and at the moment we have six FAQs (frequently asked questions). There are sure to be many more, so please do express any concerns and queries that you may have with the project?



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