Christies Care Benevolent Club

What happens if you become ill, or have a family emergency and have to cancel or cut short a booking, or your client dies, you have to leave and we don’t have work for you. You will lose work and income!

The Christies Care Benevolent Club is here to help you! It is available as a grant for carers who have fallen into unavoidable financial hardship.

All carer members make a very small contribution for each week they work with, or for, us and Christies Care matches all contributions pound for pound.

The club belongs to the carers and is run by a committee of carers.

CCBC account details

  • Account name:  Carer Benevolent Fund
  • Bank:  Barclays
  • Sort code:  20-98-15
  • Account #:  73928063
  • Notes or Ref.:  Please include your carer number

To apply, please contact your Carer Support team

How to pay your subscription

  • Weekly subscription is £3.00 to be paid when you are working with, or for Christies Care.
  • You don’t have to pay a weekly subscription while not at work with, or for Christies Care.
  • For weeks where you are employed by us, your subscription will be deducted from your pay.
  • For weeks where you are self-employed, it is your personal responsibility to pay each week AND to state your carer number on each payment. If the payment doesn’t show your carer number, we cannot attribute the contribution to you.