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We are looking for caring, hard-working individuals to train to be Christies Carers.

In addition to being an emotionally rewarding career, our live-in carers earn between £500 and £800 per week with free room & board.

If you think you could be suitable, read on, or apply now.

Call 01728 605 060 or message us to find out about our live-in care.

Live-in Care Jobs in the UK

If you aren’t in the UK we have websites and local agents in some other countries, ready to help you with your application.


Are there any legal requirements?2018-09-14T10:02:05+01:00

If you are applying to work for Christies Care you must be legally entitled to work in the UK.

If you have British Ancestry i.e. a parent or grandparent born here, then it may be possible for you to obtain an ancestral visa, but you must go to your local British Embassy first before you apply to find this out.

For carers without EU citizenship/passport or British Ancestry, in practice it can be very difficult for you to obtain a visa to work in the UK as a carer. Even if you have a visa/work permit for another country inside the EU, this gives you no rights to work inside the UK.

You will be asked for a full work history, references and will need to apply for a DBS Check (Disclosure and Barring Services, used to be called CRB). This involves an ISA check (Independent Safeguarding Authority) which checks your details against the Children’s and Vulnerable Adult register and an Enhanced Disclosure.

I’m from overseas – can you help?2018-09-14T10:01:48+01:00

Initially we would require a work commitment period from you of around 10 -12 weeks. This is so we can establish you with suitable clients that you are happy with and who are happy with you. Following that, you can have a flexible pattern of work, to suit your lifestyle.

  • SW, for example, lives in Spain and travels to her client every 3 weeks. She works for 3 weeks at a time then has 3 weeks off back home.
  • PS, who comes from South Africa, works for 3 months at a time, takes the 4th month off as holiday to see her family in the UK. She then spends 2 months a year back in SA. Sometimes she has longer back in SA – it all depends on her family circumstances.
  • KW, who comes from Poland, works for 3 months, then has a month or two back at home, then goes back to work.
How much money do I need to bring with me?2018-09-14T10:01:10+01:00

You need to bring enough money to support yourself for a couple of weeks, and to pay for your DBS check.

We hope that you will be working within a few days of induction training, but in some rare cases, you might have to wait a couple of weeks until a suitable client is available. We recommend that you bring about £600 with you.

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