Over the last few months, we’ve shared a few stories from our clients as well as our carers. This week we thought we’d talk about one of our teams hear in Saxmundham and introduce you to one of our Carer Support Team.

The Carer Support Team is there for our carers.  The team is made of people who a carer can turn to for advice, who a carer can ring to ask for directions to a client’s house, or even just someone to chat to, who understands that being a carer, in a strange place, can make you lonely or homesick.

All of our Carer Support Team have gone through the Christies Care induction training (in fact all of our office staff have) and they’ve all got a variety of experience to draw on when it comes to helping our carers.  Some of them have been carers themselves too.

Aimee Hall Carer Support Team

Aimee (pictured) is in the green support team.  Before she joined the team, she worked as a key worker in a Mencap group home for 3.5 years. She knows, at first hand, what carers are expected to do. She knows the happiness of seeing someone walk, despite the fact that the hospital had said that that person could never walk again. She also knows how tiring and hard caring can be.

However, it is not Aimee’s experience that helps her build a rapport with carers, it is her character. “I’m interested in people, and like people” she says. “I like to get to know my carers, to learn about their families, their lives and their problems. And I understand what they’re going through if they’re having a difficult time. There’s something nice at the end of the day, to know that you’ve done something worthwhile, that you’ve made a difference to one of our carers.”

Aimee has recently taken on an extra role as one of our local area advisors.  “I really like the idea of getting out and meeting our clients, and seeing carers face to face” but will still remain a firm member of the green team, and lots of her time will be spent on the telephone, talking to, and helping her carers.

Aimee is just one of eight in the carer support team, all of whom spend all day, every day, talking to carers, and giving them the advice and support they want and need.