Telephone Interview

You have just submitted an application for a new job and you find out the next step is a telephone interview. Many of us are used to having a face to face interview and the sound of a telephone interview can be quite daunting. Our Recruitment Department conduct telephone interviews on a daily basis, so understand how you may be feeling. Therefore, we have decided to provide our top 10 tips for a successful telephone interview to help you feel more at ease.

1. Be Responsive.
You will be asked different questions about the role, the experience required and the typical duties and responsibilities expected of you. It’s a good idea to respond to each question and be open with your answers. The interviewer will want to know about your previous experience, current skills and also your hobbies and interests. So don’t be afraid to chat a little.

2. Be Honest.
The interviewer will want to get to know you personally. Not only must they guage whether you are suitable for the role you have applied for, they also want you to be open and honest. Our job is to book you to suitable clients and we must ensure you meet the requirements for our clients wishes.

3. Be Confident.
Don’t by shy. Imagine you are having a face to face interview and your confidence will transfer during the telephone interview.

4. Research the Company.
It is very important to research the company to understand what is being asked of you. They may ask you particular questions and if you already have knowledge of the company, you will make a good impression.

5. Listen.
Do exactly as it says. Listen to what is being asked of you and listen to the information given. A carer needs good listening skills in their day to day work anyway.

6. Prepare your surroundings.
Make sure you are in a quiet environment. Turn the television or radio off. Make sure any other mobile phones are on silent, the kids are in another room or the dogs are in the garden. Ensure that during the call you are not going to be interrupted, take the stress away so you can relax knowing no one is listening to you and it’s going to be quiet. Ensure you have a fully charged phone if away from a land line and have a glass of water or a comforting cup of tea to hand.

7. Take Notes.
There may be a lot of information given to you which you will want to keep note of. You may not speak to the interviewer until you meet them face to face. Emails can be taken the wrong way, so it’s best to take as much information to begin with so you can prepare yourself during the application process. You will prove to be professional if you record information given to you.

8. Take your time.
Take time to answer the questions if you need to. Don’t worry about silences on the call, the interviewer will be taking notes too. We understand everybody needs to think before they speak so take your time, we are here to listen to you also.

9. Ask Questions.
Please remember that we are here to help you. If there is anything you are unsure of, you didn’t quite catch, or need a reminder on…ask! There really is no such thing as a stupid question. It makes you a better carer and also increases our knowledge as interviewers. You should never be afraid to ask a question and this will help you get the best out of your interview.

10. Remain in contact with the interviewer after the interview.
We keep in contact with our applicants during the application process. But it will be beneficial for you to remain in contact with us too. Show you are interested and we will try our best to make your application process run as smoothly as possible.