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The Application Process


What are we looking for?

  • A Caring Nature

    To be a good carer, you must want to care. You must be compassionate and want to make other people’s lives better. So even if you have no previous experience but have a caring nature, we would still like to hear from you.

  • Visa

    You must be legally be allowed to work in the UK. If you are unsure if you can legally work in the UK please look at the home office website. Please note that we are unable to assist with, or sponsor visa applications.

  • Good Spoken English

    Our clients need to understand you and you need to be able to understand them. So we need to know that you can speak and understand English well. We will carry out a telephone interview with you to help us judge this.

  • Cooking Skills

    It is important that you are able to cook. You must be able to prepare basic English meals, from scratch. To help our carers we’ve produced a cook book and a recipe book available on our carer’s extranet.

  • Ideally, a Driver

    It is not vital that you have a driving license, though it is a huge advantage to both you and our clients. If you hold a non-EU driving license you can drive legally in the UK for up to 12 months from when you enter Great Britain. This includes any small vehicle (such as a car or motorcycle) listed on your full and valid license. However some insurance companies in the UK may not cover you when driving for a client unless you change this to a full UK license. For more information please visit the government pages on driving.

  • Legal

    To work for Christies Care you must be legally entitled to work in the UK. You must tell us if you have any previous criminal convictions.

  • Physical Fitness

    You have to be fit to be a carer. This type of work can be physically demanding and involves a lot of bending and stretching and possibly carrying heavy items such as shopping bags.

Why be a carer at Christies?

  • You get the work you want

    Our carers tell us that with Christies Care, they get the work they want. This is why we have so many carers who have been with us for ten years or more. We have a dedicated member of staff whose job is to introduce carers who have just finished training to their clients. This way, newly trained carers also get the clients they need.

  • We look after you

    Our carers tell us that the reason they stay with Christies Care for so long (more than 1/3 of our carers has been with us for more than 5 years) is that we look after them. Our carer support team is always there at the end of the telephone, or our advisors can always visit you and talk, face to face.

  • We train you for the job

    Our free training is recognised as being the best, and it equips carers to be able to do almost any caring task. Further, in-depth, condition specific training is also available, free of charge.

  • Pay

    Our carers earn £500 to £650 a week, and have free board and lodging when they work.

What Next?

  • If a live-in home care job sounds like something you would like to do, click any of the “Apply Now” buttons, fill in the application form and we’ll be in touch to let you know more.

“Christies Care works well for me as I know the carers and staff do a great job for their clients. I have seen first-hand how bad things can be with pop-in agencies where the staff aren’t trained or supported properly. I’m so proud to be a part of Christies Care.”

BARBARA PIERTESE, Christies Live-in Carer


My name is Anthony Donachie and I’m a live-in carer

Although I've only recently started with Christies Care, it's been so enjoyable!

I've had different experiences in the care sector and grew up knowing that this was the industry that I wanted to be in. I spent time helping out with my Nana's care at a young age and then spent some time at an ABI (acquired brain injury) unit.

Being a live in carer with Christies interested me because it was something that wasn't really spoke about in my area. Since I've been here I've loved every moment!

There is no better feeling than leaving a client and knowing that you've done your very best to improve their quality of life. One of my favourite things is listening to the stories people tell me about their past.

And because of the amount of time we get with clients, I get a lot of stories!

Since starting care it's given me something to be really passionate about and, although at times it can be really tough, there is never a day that I don't love my job!

I wouldn't be able to do anywhere near as much as I do without the amazing support we have at our head office!

Big thanks to the green team!

My name is Caroline Dube and I’m a live-in carer

I chose to be a carer because I have a passion for people.

I find it very fulfilling helping people who are ill, elderly, or have physical or learning difficulties to perform to their best. It makes life worth living!

I love learning new things, shopping, socializing and walking.

My name is Paulius Ambrazevicius and I’m a live-in carer

I have been working in care for more than 4 years now but never been able to provide proper support to clients while being a pop-in carer - now, working for Christies Care, I can!

I also love travelling and meeting new people. Being a live-in carer gives me the ability to do that as on my weeks off I can travel the world. I've been abroad a few times already this year and I'm planning to do it a few more times!

My name is Sam Adams and I’m a live-in carer

I got into care when I was 18 after helping someone through mental health issues which opened my eyes a lot. It was meant to be a part time job while I was finishing college however I fell in love with the work and the rewards you get from helping people.

Caring can be hard, especially the live-in part, but the clients make it worthwhile and most days we have a laugh. I love reading and very much enjoy reading to my clients as much as I can. Music is a big part of my life and again I bring this to my work by singing and dancing with my clients although most of my clients will tell you my singing voice is terrible 🙂

I'm very bubbly and adventurous and in my time off I love going on road trips and travelling.

My name is Chad Walton and I’m a live-in carer

I became a carer because I wanted to be directly involved with the promotion of independence for others, supporting clients to achieve their goals.

With the training and constant support I have received from Christies I'm able to do this every day!


Self-Employed Vs. Employed?

What does it mean to be self-employed?

It means that you are engaged by your client to carry out your client’s wishes. We introduce you to your client, but you are not employed by us.

We do not tell you what to do or what not to do. We can offer advice on best practice and our team is there at all times to offer support or a listening ear.

As your contract is with your client, we strongly recommend that you and your client should have it in writing and sign a contract for services together (we have a link to a specimen copy). This will clarify how long you will be working for your client, your agreed fee and the quality of the service you undertake to provide. It will also set out the conditions you expect from your client. It will commit you and your client for the weeks concerned.

Your client will generally pay you directly and you will be responsible for your own income tax and National Insurance. Our accounts team can give you some advice on how to the system works, how to register as self-employed, how to pay NI and how to do a self-assessment tax return. It’s not difficult and hundreds of our carers do it each year without trouble.

For Christies Care to introduce you to a client, to be self-employed, we must be sure you are a suitable carer for that client. You must have done the relevant training, had the relevant checks and we must be confident that you are a caring individual, who displays at all times the correct caring attitude.

What does it mean to be employed?

If you are employed by us, you will be caring for our client, according to the care plan. We are responsible for telling you what you can and cannot do. Our team is there to offer help and advice for you at all times, as well as instructions.

Christies Care will pay you directly into your bank account and will deduct tax and NI contributions at source.
To be an employed carer, we must be sure that you are suitable. You must have done the relevant training, had the relevant checks and we must be confident that you are a caring individual, who displays at all times the correct caring attitude.


Your Recruitment Team

DANIEL CURTISRecruitment Manager
SOPHIE EMMERSONDeputy Recruitment Manager

“Hello! I’m Sophie and I have worked as a Recruitment Co-Ordinator since June 2014. My primary tasks within are conducting telephone interviews with potential carers and processing applications. Speaking to a range of people from all walks of life and helping them to attain their dream job is what makes my role most enjoyable.

Outside of work, I have spent the last 10 years volunteering with my local Scout group, but can often be found singing karaoke (appallingly!), or at my local pub quiz.”

REBEKAH WILLIAMSRecruitment Co-ordinator

“Hello, I’m Rebekah. I joined Christies Care in April 2016.

I have enjoyed learning all of the processes that take place from start to finish when recruiting carers; making sure they have the skills our clients need; supporting them with what they need to process their applications and ensuring they feel welcomed. I look forward to meeting all the carers when they arrive for their induction and training.

Previously, I was a Support Worker so know what it is like to provide care and support to people and how very rewarding a job it is.

In my own time I enjoy painting, taking my dogs for walks and volunteering at a local youth centre.”

LOWRI THOMASRecruitment Co-ordinator

“I started at Christies Care in September, 2016. I am part of the recruitment team, so I recruit carers from all over the country and world and from all walks of life. I love talking to different people every day and meeting all the new carers, there is never a dull day!

Before starting at Christies I was living in Austria for nearly 2 years working the ski and summer seasons and also living in London. Since 2011 I have travelled all over South East Asia & India and lived in New Zealand for a year. Now I have decided to come back home, which is Saxmundham, and settle down.

When I’m not at work I am usually spending time with my friends and family who live all over the UK, travelling to countries I have never been to before and, in the summer, I love to go to music festivals.”

KIRSTY MARSHALLRecruitment Co-ordinator

“I joined Christies Care in July 2015 as a Booking Coordinator where I gained the knowledge of different client’s needs, what care assistants were suitable for each client and also what was involved at each Local Area Advisor visit. I thoroughly enjoyed this position but I have now moved on to be a Recruitment Coordinator where I feel my knowledge of being a Booking coordinator will help me find the most suitable care assistants for our client’s. I love that I get to speak with people from all over the country but also countries outside of the United Kingdom.

Previous to Christies I was a Support worker doing hourly care for vulnerable adults with Learning disabilities and also Mental Health. I learned about all different conditions, what they need from their support worker and also that they sometimes just need a companion to go out with and gain confidence and independence.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, pets and friends. I also enjoy doing art and photography.”

BERNADETTE HALLIGANRecruitment Co-ordinator
TATIANA ALEKHINARecruitment Co-ordinator
CAMERON CAMPBELLRecruitment Co-ordinator

Your carer Recruitment team is here to guide you through the recruitment process, to answer your questions and to make sure that a potential carer has the right attitude, skills and outlook to be a good live-in home carer.

As a prospective carer, you will talk to our team who will tell you about Christies Care, explain the duties and responsibilities of a live-in home carer and discuss our requirements. Because our clients are vulnerable adults, we have an obligation to only recruit carers who we are sure are going to be good and who have been thoroughly checked.

We know that the decision to be a live-in carer is not one that is taken lightly and that most of our prospective carers are nervous. As a prospective carer, you are coming all the way to Suffolk, to be trained, then introduced to clients and you don’t really know what the actual work will be like. Your carer recruitment team understand these concerns and will help to reduce them.

We also have local agents in some other countries to help you with your application.