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We are looking for caring, hard-working individuals to train to be Christies Carers.

In addition to being an emotionally rewarding career, our live-in carers earn between £500 and £800 per week with free room & board.

If you think you could be suitable, read on, or apply now.

Call 01728 605 060 or message us to find out about our live-in care.

Apply for a Live-in Care Job with Christies Care

What are we looking for?

To be a good carer, you must want to care. You must be compassionate and want to make other people’s lives better. So even if you have no previous experience but have a caring nature, we would still like to hear from you.

You must be legally be allowed to work in the UK. If you are unsure if you can legally work in the UK please look at the home office website. Please note that we are unable to assist with, or sponsor visa applications.

Our clients need to understand you and you need to be able to understand them. So we need to know that you can speak and understand English well. We will carry out a telephone interview with you to help us judge this.

It is important that you are able to cook. You must be able to prepare basic English meals, from scratch. To help our carers we’ve produced a cook book and a recipe book available on our carer’s extranet.

It is not vital that you have a driving license, though it is a huge advantage to both you and our clients. If you hold a non-EU driving license you can drive legally in the UK for up to 12 months from when you enter Great Britain. This includes any small vehicle (such as a car or motorcycle) listed on your full and valid license.

However some insurance companies in the UK may not cover you when driving for a client unless you change this to a full UK license. For more information please visit the government pages on driving.

To work for Christies Care you must be legally entitled to work in the UK. You must tell us if you have any previous criminal convictions.

You have to be fit to be a carer. This type of work can be physically demanding and involves a lot of bending and stretching and possibly carrying heavy items such as shopping bags.

Why be a carer at Christies?

Our carers tell us that with Christies Care, they get the work they want. This is why we have so many carers who have been with us for ten years or more. We have a dedicated member of staff whose job is to introduce carers who have just finished training to their clients. This way, newly trained carers also get the clients they need.

Our carers tell us that the reason they stay with Christies Care for so long (more than 1/3 of our carers has been with us for more than 5 years) is that we look after them. Our carer support team is always there at the end of the telephone, or our advisors can always visit you and talk, face to face.

Our free training is recognised as being the best, and it equips carers to be able to do almost any caring task. Further, in-depth, condition-specific training is also available, free of charge.

Our carers earn £500 to £800 a week, and have free board and lodging when they work.

Christies Care’s Local Area Advisors visit and fully assess our clients, identify any risks that might be evident and evaluate the working conditions. Once a client has started, we do a full re-assessment whenever necessary and if you feel that you could do with a face-to-face chat with someone, our local advisor will come and visit you.

If, through no fault of your own, your work is cancelled (say your client goes to hospital, or passes away), we will offer you free accommodation here in our guesthouse. And if there are weeks when you don’t want to work, you can stay in our subsidised guesthouse.

To keep you up to date, to share ideas and stories about your caring lives, we have a carers website and newsletter. This may carry a story from a carer, telling how she has taken her client on holiday, or it may contain important information about how to avoid a scam.

“Christies Care works well for me as I know the carers and staff do a great job for their clients.

I have seen first-hand how bad things can be with pop-in agencies where the staff aren’t trained or supported properly.

I’m so proud to be a part of Christies Care.”

Barbara Piertese, Christies Live-in Carer

Self-Employed Vs. Employed?

What does it mean to be self-employed?

It means that you are engaged by your client to carry out your client’s wishes. We introduce you to your client, but you are not employed by us.

We do not tell you what to do or what not to do. We can offer advice on best practice and our team is there at all times to offer support or a listening ear.

As your contract is with your client, we strongly recommend that you and your client should have it in writing and sign a contract for services together (we have a link to a specimen copy). This will clarify how long you will be working for your client, your agreed fee and the quality of the service you undertake to provide. It will also set out the conditions you expect from your client. It will commit you and your client for the weeks concerned.

Your client will generally pay you directly and you will be responsible for your own income tax and National Insurance. Our accounts team can give you some advice on how to the system works, how to register as self-employed, how to pay NI and how to do a self-assessment tax return. It’s not difficult and hundreds of our carers do it each year without trouble.

For Christies Care to introduce you to a client, to be self-employed, we must be sure you are a suitable carer for that client. You must have done the relevant training, had the relevant checks and we must be confident that you are a caring individual, who displays at all times the correct caring attitude.

What does it mean to be employed?

If you are employed by us, you will be caring for our client, according to the care plan. We are responsible for telling you what you can and cannot do. Our team is there to offer help and advice for you at all times, as well as instructions.

Christies Care will pay you directly into your bank account and will deduct tax and NI contributions at source.
To be an employed carer, we must be sure that you are suitable. You must have done the relevant training, had the relevant checks and we must be confident that you are a caring individual, who displays at all times the correct caring attitude.

“My name is Caroline Dube and I’m a live-in carer.

I chose to be a carer because I have a passion for people.

I find it very fulfilling helping people who are ill, elderly, or have physical or learning difficulties to perform to their best. It makes life worth living!

I love learning new things, shopping, socializing and walking.”

Caroline Dube, Christies Carer

“My name is Chad Walton and I’m a live-in carer.

I became a carer because I wanted to be directly involved with the promotion of independence for others, supporting clients to achieve their goals.

With the training and constant support I have received from Christies I’m able to do this every day!”

Chad Walton, Christies Carer
Denise McCrory

“My name is Denise McCrory, and I love being a Christies Carer!

Nearly 7 years ago, I started helping a few of my elderly neighbours and I enjoyed it so much I decided to join Christies Care.

Their two week Carer training programme and annual Carer update sessions have allowed me to help not only my friends and family but also my clients who I now consider to be an extended part of my ‘family’.

Their memories, well-being and hobbies have become an integral part of my day with them, and I am learning to knit, crochet, get beaten at Scrabble and I am receiving an education in English village life.

What’s not to love!”

Denise McCrory, Christies Carer

24/7 Carer Support

The Carer Support team is there to make things easier for you.

You will be given two members of the team who are on hand to give you support and advice when you want it. Most of the team work from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday; but if you have an emergency, we always have someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Your team are there for you!

Not in the UK?

If you aren’t in the UK we have websites and local agents in some other countries, ready to help you with your application.

Your Recruitment Team

Your carer Recruitment team is here to guide you through the recruitment process, to answer your questions and to make sure that a potential carer has the right attitude, skills and outlook to be a good live-in home carer.

As a prospective carer, you will talk to our team who will tell you about Christies Care, explain the duties and responsibilities of a live-in home carer and discuss our requirements. Because our clients are vulnerable adults, we have an obligation to only recruit carers who we are sure are going to be good and who have been thoroughly checked.

We know that the decision to be a live-in carer is not one that is taken lightly and that most of our prospective carers are nervous. As a prospective carer, you are coming all the way to Suffolk, to be trained, then introduced to clients and you don’t really know what the actual work will be like. Your carer recruitment team understand these concerns and will help to reduce them.

EMILY SMITHHead of Recruitment
“I have worked for Christies Care since 2006. I enjoy the fact that in my role I’m always meeting and speaking with new people and no day is the same. I have enjoyed working in various Departments across the company and am grateful to Christies Care for allowing me to progress since I have arrived.

As the New Client Team Leader I am proud of the service that my team strive to offer our New Clients. I am lucky to work with such a passionate and driven team.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially my lively niece. I attend yoga classes and volunteer my time to the local Brownie unit and Dance School.”

CAMERON CAMPBELLRecruitment Team Leader

“Hello! I’m Cameron. I joined the Recruitment team for Christies Care in September 2017.

I conduct the initial interviews with the carers from all around the world, I love talking to new people every day and starting a wonderful relationship with Christies Care and the carers.

Before joining Christies I worked in the social care sector recruiting social workers across the country.

When I’m not working, I enjoying spending time with my son, finding excuses not to go to the gym and always looking for a quirky place to grab some food and a pint.”

LEE ANDREWSCompliance Co-ordinator
“Hi, my name is Lee. I joined Christies Care in August 2018 as a Recruitment Co-ordinator.

I have 6 years recruitment experience from when I lived in Essex. I moved here 2 years ago and am enjoying my new life in the East of England!

Outside of work I enjoy spending quality time with my family and walking my 2 dogs (along the seafront is our favourite place to be)!”

KIRSTY MARSHALLCompliance Co-ordinator

“I joined Christies Care in July 2015, where I started as a ‘Booking Coordinator’. My role consisted of finding suitable carers for our clients, updating care plans and providing general support for my clients.

Due to previously being a support worker, I understood the importance of matching the right carer to my clients and encouraging independence for each client as well as support and advice. I used this knowledge in my role as a Booking Coordinator and I feel it benefited myself as well as my clients. I have loved getting to know each and every client I have assisted, listening to their stories and being able to make them happy through finding a regular carer for them.

I then moved over to the Recruitment team in January 2017, for a change but also to learn more about various roles in the company. Again I used my knowledge as a support worker and as a Booking Coordinator in order to find suitable carers to join Christies Care. In recruitment I get to speak with carers from all over the UK as well as from other countries, getting to know them as individuals and being able to tell them with confidence the benefits of joining us due to our training and support.

I have always been fond of helping people and supporting them in any way I can. I love new challenges and learning about the ins and outs of the company.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, pets, and friends and, when I get the chance, I enjoy drawing/painting and also doing photography.”

BERNADETTE HALLIGANCompliance Co-ordinator

“I joined Christies Care in 2009 having moved from London where I worked as a PA in the electronics industry.

After spending over 7 years in the Bookings Department, working with the Topaz Team, I moved to the Recruitment Department in 2017. I enjoy my role as a Compliance Co-Ordinator and being part of team.

In my spare time I enjoy socialising, travelling, running and Formula One.

DEMI WINTONCompliance Co-ordinator
DANIEL BUZZARDRecruitment Co-ordinator
“Hi. My Name is Daniel and I have just joined Christies Care (in September 2019) as a Recruitment Co-ordinator. Previous to working at Christies I worked as a Hotel Receptionist and as a Customer Service Advisor for Selfridges.

I am excited to start working at Christies Care and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Outside of work, I am a very sociable person and love to spend time with my friends, go shopping and binge watch Netflix. I also like to think of myself as a gin and cocktail connoisseur so love trying new recipes.”

What is live-in care work?2018-09-14T10:03:03+01:00

Live-in care is rewarding and valuable work.

You will live with your client in their home, making sure they are clean and warm, safe, comfortable, well fed and happy. Your tasks will include companionship, cooking, housekeeping and personal care including washing and dressing.

We will give you intensive training to help you do this and someone is on call to help you at all times

How old do I have to be?2018-12-13T14:50:38+00:00

You have to be at least 18, but apart from that, we do not have any age restrictions.

What experience do I need?2020-02-12T10:28:59+00:00


As long as you have a caring personality, we will give you the training you need. Our award-winning training course will teach you everything you need to know about medication, continence, safe people moving, dementia, first aid and other caring tasks.

However, you do need to be a competent housekeeper, so must be a reasonably good cook, and be able to clean.

Do I need to have a driving licence?2020-02-12T11:10:57+00:00

No, it is not essential, but it is extremely useful. Carers who can drive are more useful to their clients, and will get a wider choice of client.

If you do drive, we recommend you have a British licence, an EU driving licence, or an international driving licence – otherwise there may be difficulties with insurance.

Read our post ‘Can I Drive in the UK?’ for more information.

Are there any legal requirements?2018-09-14T10:02:05+01:00

If you are applying to work for Christies Care you must be legally entitled to work in the UK.

If you have British Ancestry i.e. a parent or grandparent born here, then it may be possible for you to obtain an ancestral visa, but you must go to your local British Embassy first before you apply to find this out.

For carers without EU citizenship/passport or British Ancestry, in practice it can be very difficult for you to obtain a visa to work in the UK as a carer. Even if you have a visa/work permit for another country inside the EU, this gives you no rights to work inside the UK.

You will be asked for a full work history, references and will need to apply for a DBS Check (Disclosure and Barring Services, used to be called CRB). This involves an ISA check (Independent Safeguarding Authority) which checks your details against the Children’s and Vulnerable Adult register and an Enhanced Disclosure.

How long will it take till I start work?2018-09-14T10:01:36+01:00

After your essential induction training, we will find you work as soon as possible. In many cases, new carers are at work the next week.

So that you don’t lose out if we can’t offer you a client the day after your induction ends, we offer new (and returning) carers a guarantee scheme. This means that, whatever happens, as long as you hold yourself available for work and are prepared to work hard, you will not lose out financially.

What is the interview process?2018-09-14T10:01:23+01:00

The interview and induction process covers 9 steps.

  1. Complete a pre-application form.
  2. If we have suitable vacancies, we’ll send you a link to our full application form.
  3. An initial telephone interview. If you are not in the UK, our local representative might carry out this interview.
  4. If you are not in the UK, you will need a police check, to tell us if you have any criminal record.
  5. As soon as we have received sufficient references and a police check, we book you onto the induction training course.
  6. Induction training. You’ll meet the booking team (who match you to your clients) and your carer support team.
  7. Because you will be working with vulnerable adults we do a DBS and ISA check.
  8. You are offered your first job.
  9. We’ll call and visit, to see that you are coping OK with the work, to answer your questions and to generally support you.
How much money do I need to bring with me?2018-09-14T10:01:10+01:00

You need to bring enough money to support yourself for a couple of weeks, and to pay for your DBS check.

We hope that you will be working within a few days of induction training, but in some rare cases, you might have to wait a couple of weeks until a suitable client is available. We recommend that you bring about £600 with you.

What if I have an accident at work? Am I insured?2018-09-14T10:00:58+01:00

We offer an accident insurance policy, which will cover you, if you suffer an accident while you are at work.

What happens if I am out of work through no fault of my own?2018-09-14T10:00:36+01:00

Occasionally, something happens which means that you suddenly don’t have work, through no fault of your own. Your client might pass away, or go to hospital.

In that case we’ll make sure you have free accommodation until we can introduce you to another client (which we’ll do as soon as possible).

Am I going to be an employee or self-employed?2018-09-14T09:59:58+01:00

Most of Christies Care’s clients pay their carers on a self-employed basis. We will help you register as self-employed with the authorities. This means that you are responsible for paying your own income tax and national insurance. Paying and working out tax and NI is not difficult, and the online self-assessment forms are straightforward.

With some of our clients, we employ the carers. In this case, we pay you by bank transfer, and remove the income tax and NI at source. This doesn’t make any difference to the total amount of tax you will pay in a year. So whether you are employed or self-employed, you should be earning a similar amount of money for similar levels of work.

How will I be paid?2018-09-14T09:59:07+01:00

You will be paid weekly, by cheque or bank transfer. If you don’t have a UK bank account, we will help you open one.

How much will I earn?2019-04-03T09:58:38+01:00

When we meet new clients for the first time, or if their situation changes (e.g. their care needs increase), we suggest a suitable fee for their carer. This depends on the individual needs of your client. You will always be told the suggested fee before you start work.

The amount you earn will depend on how many weeks you want to work. If you work for 46 weeks out of the 52 in a year, you will earn at least £23,000, as the weekly fees clients pay you are between £500 and £800. Remember, you get free board and lodging, so you have almost no expenses – you can keep almost all of your earnings. In most cases you will be repaid your UK travel costs.

Clients who want a carer mainly for companionship pay towards the lower end of the scale. Clients who need a large amount of personal care pay towards the higher end of the scale.

Want more information about becoming a Christies Carer?

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