Live-in Care Jobs with Christies Care?2020-05-15T12:32:31+01:00

We are looking for caring, hard-working individuals to train to be Christies Carers.

In addition to being an emotionally rewarding career, our live-in carers earn between £500 and £800 per week with free room & board.

If you think you could be suitable, read on, or apply now.

Call 01728 605 060 or message us to find out about our live-in care.

Why be a live-in carer with Christies Care?

Good carers are introduced to all the clients they need, which is why we have so many carers who have been with us for 5,6,7, or even 12 years. And newly trained carers also get the clients they need. We have a specific member of staff whose job is to introduce carers who have just finished training to suitable clients.

Caring for somebody is a great responsibility and can also be stressful and lonely. This is why we have our carer support team who are there to give you information, advice and even just be there for a chat if you need it.

As a carer, you will encounter many new circumstances. Your client may need a hoist to get up; may need their carer to change their catheter bag; may take 20 different types of medication, each at a particular time and dose every day.

Our award-winning training team train all carers how to manage these and many other similar tasks, safely. Potential carers go through our intensive two week residential training course, and complete ongoing distance learning modules. This way, you know you have the skills to look after your clients properly.

We also provide more in-depth condition-specific training, so if your clients have dementia, you will be expected to come on our 2 day residential dementia training course.

Christies Care is big enough to offer a wide range of clients to carers, so that carers can find the clients whom they like and can work well with. It is big enough to let carers work the weeks they want – so that they can fit their caring life around their own personal life.

If anything goes wrong, or there is ever an emergency, we have someone on-call all the time. There is always someone you can turn to for advice or information.

A minimum of £6,000 in your first 14 weeks. Terms and conditions apply.

As a carer, you will want to know about your client’s condition, what care work you will be asked to do and what the living conditions are like. So Christies Care’s Local Area Advisors visit and fully assess our clients, identify any risks that might be evident and evaluate the working conditions. Once a client has started, we do a full re-assessment whenever necessary and if you feel that you could do with a face-to-face chat with someone, our local advisor will come and visit you.

If, through no fault of your own, your work is cancelled (say your client goes to hospital, or passes away), we will offer you free accommodation here in our guesthouse. And if there are weeks when you don’t want to work, you can stay in our subsidised guesthouse.

Carers can be covered by our accident insurance scheme, which is much cheaper than buying separate insurance.

What happens if you become ill, or have a family emergency and have to cancel or cut short a booking, or your client dies, you have to leave and we don’t have work for you. You will lose work and income!

The Christies Care Benevolent Club is here to help you! It is available as a grant for carers who have fallen into unavoidable financial hardship.

Are you coming to the UK in winter and planning to work through the summer? We provide free luggage storage for your winter clothes, or anything else (subject to availability of space. Terms and conditions apply), while you are working with us.

To keep you up to date, to share ideas and stories about your caring lives, we have a carers website and newsletter. This may carry a story from a carer, telling how she has taken her client on holiday, or it may contain important information about how to avoid a scam.

Ongoing Support

We have trained you to be a competent carer. We have introduced you to a client who has engaged you as a live-in carer. We know that being a live-in carer can be stressful. You have a lot of responsibility.

For example, if your client is suddenly taken ill, it is always going to be up to you to call the ambulance, liaise with the paramedics and the NHS and you will most likely be in an unfamiliar part of the UK.

The Carer Support team is there to make things easier for you. You will be given two members of the team who are on hand to give you support and advice when you want it.

Most of the team work from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday; but if you have an emergency, we always have someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your team is there for you to ring them. If you need advice, they will do their best to give you the right answer.

You may want to know which train to catch to get from a client in Manchester, to a client in Sevenoaks – they’ll tell you. You may want some advice on how best to care for a client with dementia – they’ll either give you the advice you need themselves or, if your query is more complex, they’ll put you through to the right part of the training team.

You may want to know what you should do about a particular medication – they’ll either advise you there and then or find out the answer or tell you who to talk to. You may just want a chat, so give them a ring: they are always happy to talk to you.

In short, the Carer Support team is there to give you help and advice. They are in no way monitoring or supervising you, as you are a carer who is engaged by your client to carry out your client’s wishes – and we do not interfere with this at all.

“The Support team are always on the other side of the phone when I call. You’re doing a great job!”

Christies Carer

“I’m Extremely happy. I can’t say enough about how supportive they are.

My team give me all the support, guidance and advice I need.”

Christies Carer, Linda

“The Support team have always been good. This year they have been really good! They always manage to resolve problems and give good advice when it is needed.”

Carer feedback

“I want to emphasize how moved I was by the fantastic support I have received from the Support team.

I honestly cannot thank Christies enough for the kindness shown to me through phone calls and one-to-one meetings.”

Letter from a carer

The Life of a Carer Support Co-ordinator

The life of a Carer Support Co-ordinator, can be a varied, hectic but a very enjoyable one. We are here to get to know the carers personally, so we can give advice, and help make sure they are matched with clients they will like and work well with.

As a Carer Support Co-ordinator, you never know what each day will bring and it is the variety that makes it most exciting. We get to speak to a very wide range of people, some of whom have the most amazing stories.

Live-in carers will call us needing advice, reporting a problem or some just wanting a good chat. We exist to be the carer’s first port-of-call for whatever they may need and can be contacted via phone, email, text or face to face if carers are here at head office.

A major part of our role is to make regular calls to our carers, to find out if they are happy with their client and to check their future availability. Of course, if the carer wants any advice, we will help. We also keep the carers’ information up to date such as legal documents, their preferences and their future plans, to enable the Booking Co-ordinators to match live-in carers to suitable clients.

We receive calls all day and every day from our carers wanting advice or help.

Their questions can range from the relatively trivial – “what are those bright yellow flowers in the fields at summer time?” to the severe – “I just need to ring you to tell you that my client has had a fall, and I am going with her to hospital. I’ve tried to ring her daughter but can’t get hold of her, can you pass on the message as soon as possible please.”

Another part of our role is to meet the new carers who are attending their induction training. This means that we can put a face to the name of the live-in carer we then talk to later on the telephone. We meet the same carers every year, when they come to the head office to do their update training and it is great to see how they have changed (or not) in this time.

We welcome any suggestions from our carers as we are always looking for ways to improve our service. Our carers are the people who are working with their clients, so they are the people who really understand where we are doing well, and where we could do better.

Being a Carer Support Co-ordinator is a very enjoyable job, especially as we get to know carers so well. Being able to help someone who may be missing their family, or who may have a more serious problem brings with it its own rewards. The fact that we never know what the next day will bring makes this job great fun, after all variety is the spice of life!

Your Carer Support Team

VICTORIA SHORTLEYHead of Carer Support Team

“I have worked for Christies Care since January 2005 as a Carer Support Coordinator, I took a short break in 2006 to take a short tour around Europe and returned in February 2007 again as part of the Carer Support Team. I have been in my current role since October 2016.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, especially music from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and I am a big fan of The Beatles. I have taken part in amateur dramatic performances and I attend Zumba classes weekly as I enjoy dancing. I like eating out, the theatre and holidays.“

CLAIRE BIGWOODPA to Head of Carer Support

“I joined Christies in October 2015, following my relocation to Suffolk from Kent. My role is to provide admin support to the Carer Support team, giving them the chance to concentrate on giving our carers first class support, while I deal with all the necessary bits of nitty gritty you find in any well run office.

I love being part of such a friendly and enthusiastic team, and I find I’m so engrossed in my work that the time passes really quickly.

When not at work, I’m enjoying getting to know Suffolk better and spending time getting my new house in order.”

HANA MITCHELLCarer Support Co-ordinator

“Hi I’m Hana. I joined Christies Care in July 2018 as an Apprentice Compliance Administrator.

My role is to make sure every application is up to date and to keep in touch with the applicants.

I love chatting with the applicants and helping them towards the next level of becoming a carer with us.

In my spare time I love going out to new places with my friends and family and experiencing new things.”

ELIZABETH MARTINCarer Support Co-ordinator
ELISABETH MAYCarer Support Co-ordinator
ELLIE WILLIAMSCarer Support Co-ordinator
ZOE LOVERIDGECarer Support Co-ordinator
FERN BAXTERCarer Support Co-ordinator
What training will I receive?2020-03-30T15:08:26+01:00

All of our carers undertake our award-winning training course covering topics which include medication, continence, safe people moving and other caring tasks. Our training has won awards and is one of the key reasons carers choose Christies Care.

The training team is always on call for advice. If you have any questions while you are with a client, please ring them on 01728 605126, they will do their best to help. We also have Local Area Advisors who can come to see you and offer advice and insight.

Our recruitment team will be able to tell you more about the training, the courses available and answer any questions about this.

We also have advanced courses, which will help you in your caring career, including Alzheimer’s and Dementia training, caring for people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities.

How long will it take till I start work?2018-09-14T10:01:36+01:00

After your essential induction training, we will find you work as soon as possible. In many cases, new carers are at work the next week.

So that you don’t lose out if we can’t offer you a client the day after your induction ends, we offer new (and returning) carers a guarantee scheme. This means that, whatever happens, as long as you hold yourself available for work and are prepared to work hard, you will not lose out financially.

What if I have an accident at work? Am I insured?2018-09-14T10:00:58+01:00

We offer an accident insurance policy, which will cover you, if you suffer an accident while you are at work.

Where can I stay?2018-09-14T10:00:46+01:00

When you are working, you will be staying in your client’s house. You will have your own bedroom, with a TV and in most cases, an internet connection. You will be eating with your client. You will not be paying for your lodging or food.

When you are not working, we have a subsidised guest-house at our head office in Saxmundham. It is cheaper than any surrounding B&B or hotel. Many carers stay there when they want a few days or a week off.

You will stay in the guesthouse during your induction training, along with other carers being trained at the same time – so you will have plenty of people to meet and get to know. Many carers stay in touch with people they did their training with, and meet year after year at their update training.

What happens if I am out of work through no fault of my own?2018-09-14T10:00:36+01:00

Occasionally, something happens which means that you suddenly don’t have work, through no fault of your own. Your client might pass away, or go to hospital.

In that case we’ll make sure you have free accommodation until we can introduce you to another client (which we’ll do as soon as possible).

Will I have lots of clients?2018-09-14T10:00:09+01:00

It is up to you. In your first few weeks, you are likely to work for a number of clients. This will give you an idea of the range of clients and personalities available for you to work for. Then you and your clients can decide if you want to be a regular carer with them or not.

Most carers like to settle down with a few favourite clients. But some like to travel and meet new people, in new areas. We support good carers in doing whatever they want to do.

What support do I get?2018-09-14T09:59:49+01:00

We know that being a live-in carer can be a stressful job so we give you support and advice wherever possible.

On your first day, when you arrive at our training centre in Saxmundham, you will be introduced to your Carer Support Team. These are the people who will ring you when you are at work to see how you are and to see if you are happy with your client.

Most importantly, the carer support team are there for you to ring them. They are there to give you help and advice, whatever the question, no matter how trivial.

The carer support team is also there when things go seriously wrong. For example, if you have a family emergency, they’ll do as much as possible to help you get back to your family as fast as possible.

You’ll also meet our Booking Co-ordinators who match carers to their clients and are always on hand to give advice when needed to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Most of the bookings and carer support team work Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm, but if you have an emergency, we always have someone on call. Our on-call telephone is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Also, if you want to talk to someone face to face, we have a team of Local Area Advisors, who can come and visit, offering help and advice.

How much will I earn?2019-04-03T09:58:38+01:00

When we meet new clients for the first time, or if their situation changes (e.g. their care needs increase), we suggest a suitable fee for their carer. This depends on the individual needs of your client. You will always be told the suggested fee before you start work.

The amount you earn will depend on how many weeks you want to work. If you work for 46 weeks out of the 52 in a year, you will earn at least £23,000, as the weekly fees clients pay you are between £500 and £800. Remember, you get free board and lodging, so you have almost no expenses – you can keep almost all of your earnings. In most cases you will be repaid your UK travel costs.

Clients who want a carer mainly for companionship pay towards the lower end of the scale. Clients who need a large amount of personal care pay towards the higher end of the scale.

Want more information about becoming a Christies Carer?

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