Alzheimer's Memory WalkAlzheimer's Memory Walk

Sunday, September 21st was World Alzheimer’s Day.

Sophie, one of our live-in carers, has a regular client with dementia. On her behalf, last Saturday, she participated in the 10K Alzheimer’s Memory Walk in Nottingham.

Memory Walk is a series of fund-raising walking events taking place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland every autumn. It raises money to provide vital support to people living with dementia and help fund research to find a cure for the future.

Sophie said:

“The walk went very well.  I did it with my sister in law and we finished it in just under 2 hours. I’ve got some very painful blisters now but it’s all worth it! Between us we raised about £240”

Well done Sophie!

Alzheimer’s Memory Walks are scheduled all around the country this Autumn. If you’d like to participate or volunteer, visit the Memory Walk website to find your local walk.