An independent review of the training and support of healthcare and care providers has been carried out by Camilla Cavendish, associate editor and columnist at The Sunday Times.

Following the review, and prior to the recommendations being discussed, a proposal has been put forward that all care workers should be certified to say that they have received a basic level of training.  A formal certificate will be developed along with Health Education England. This is something we are pleased to support.

You can read more about this story here.

The certificate will build on criteria set out by the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards that form the basis of our own intensive 5-day induction training course. We have been following these standards for years. No matter what experience they’ve had before coming to us, all carers are taken through the same course and we produce a “skills for care” certificate that is then registered with the Suffolk Brokerage.


Our in house training team have won awards for the various programmes that we run. CQC inspectors consistently praise the training we deliver and the team have over half a century of experience amongst them.

For many years we have been following these basic induction criteria and we are proud of the consistent level of training that we have in place. It is vital that all of our clients know that all of our carers are suitably skilled and they trust us to send well-trained and vetted carers.