One of the questions that potential clients and their families like to ask when they first call us is what exactly the duties of a live-in carer are.

  • Do they have a nurse?      
  •    Someone who will help clean the house and cook for them?
  • Someone who can be there, to see that you are safe, to be a companion and to help you get out and about?

To put it crudely, the carer is there to do the things you can’t do yourself.

  •  If you can’t stand up or walk by yourself, the carer is there to help you.
  •   If you can’t Hoover any more, the carer will Hoover.
  •   If you can’t cook any more, your carer is there to cook for you.
  •   If you can’t wash by yourself, the carer is there to help you wash.

Put another way, the carer is there to let you carry on living the life you want, despite any restrictions your health might put on you.

  • If you want to go out bird-watching but can’t drive to a bird reserve any more, the carer will take you.
  • If you like cooking, but have Parkinson’s and your hands are too shaky; your carer will follow your instructions and cook with you.
  • If you love to spend time outdoors but struggle to walk on your own, your carer will make sure regular outings are part of your week.

We recruit people with the right attitude and personality to be good companions and then put them through rigorous training, so that they are capable of doing these tasks as required.


Our carers aren’t nurses, so if you need nursing help (e.g. injections), they will help you get that through district nurses. And in some cases, the district nurses can give the carers the training they need to do procedures that are normally carried out only by nurses. Everything we do is bespoke, each care plan is designed around the client it is, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask on or 0844 477 6461