Complaining about the service that you’ve received in a restaurant is tough. Often we worry that if we send food back someone will spit in it, or send back something even more sub standard. That fear extends to the care our loved ones receive in their later life. If we complain about the fact Dad’s nails are dirty or he’s wearing someone else’s clothes will he be looked after properly in future? I recently saw a forum thread on this topic.

Although I am sure that good care homes do the best they can, they simply can’t give the level of care and attention that a live-in carer can. A live-in carer gives her client one-to-one attention (or one-to-two if she is caring for a couple), while even good care homes tend to have a staffing ratio of 1:4 at best.

one to one care

This doesn’t stop the worry our clients (or their children) have about complaining. We know that there is the chance that a client simply won’t get on with a carer. There will be nothing wrong with the carer’s work, it will just be that the personalities don’t fit. This is why we make sure that when a new carer comes to a client, she only comes for a short time. The client and family can decide whether they like the carer, and the carer can decide whether she likes the client. If, after a week or two, they decide that they don’t get on, the client and carer never have to see each other again. There are no worries about any repercussions from complaining, as the two parties will never meet.

Essentially, a good live-in care agency like Christies Care makes sure that our clients don’t have to have the sort of worries described on the Alzheimer’s forum. We are very careful when we select and train carers to make sure only the best get through; we are flexible; we listen to (and act on) our clients’ and carers’ wishes, and we are big enough. Why is size important? Because it means we always have plenty of carers to make sure our clients only get the carers they get on with, and we always have plenty of clients to make sure that our carers only get the clients they like.
If only more people knew that they don’t have to have the worries that the forum members have about care for their parents and what to expect.