Yesterday (21st August) saw us host our second Dementia Awareness Session, run by our lead dementia trainer, Helen Drain. 20 members of the public came to this free session, including several people whose relatives have dementia. Many of our guests found out about the session through an article in the East Anglian Daily Times.

Our next session in Saxmundham is booked for Friday 1st November 2013. We are also able to come to you and run a session if you can find a venue and get an audience together, wherever you live. Please contact us for more details.

There is widespread ignorance about dementia, so this awareness session covered a wide range of information; from what signs and symptoms to look out for; to how important it is to look past the label of the condition and treat the person as a person. The key message of this session (and all of our training) is that we are all individuals and a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t change that.

This dementia awareness session is just a small part of the dementia training that Helen and the Christies Care’s training team do. Our main dementia training is a 10 unit distance learning course, followed by an intensive three day residential course, here in Saxmundham. This underlies our philosophy that good training is essential to equip carers to deliver the best possible care to their clients.

A few comments from people who came:

“Informative. It has given me that extra knowledge in what I will be dealing with, very laid back and relaxed presentation. Very interesting.”

“Really beneficial but so much more to learn, the 3 day course is calling.”

“Helen presented it very well, knowledgeable in her subject and from personal experience, easy to follow and understand.”