I spoke recently to one of our younger clients about her experience of having a live in carer.  Ellie has been with us for nearly a month now and this is what she had to say.

Ellie used to have pop in care a few times a day but found this didn’t give her the freedom she needed to live her life the way she wanted:
“It’s great having someone there WHEN I need help instead of having to wait until the time I’ve been allotted.  The relationship you build up is a really fabulous bonus.”

Ellie hit it off almost immediately with the first carer we introduced to her.  They share a love of photography and Chinese food (though neither of them is too good with chopsticks!)  Ellie’s carer is also enthusiastic about her passion for card making
“It’s a way of life, not just a hobby!”


Ellie goes on to say:
“Having good quality care means that I will get my life back, as much as my temperamental body will allow anyway!  Basic everyday tasks are taken care of so I don’t have to worry about them.  It gives me time and energy to be me!”

The other big benefit for Ellie is the companionship.  It means that she always has someone else there:
“Simply having someone around instead of knowing you’re alone, even if they aren’t actively supporting you.  The invisible nature of companionship is just as valuable.”

Having carers 24 hours a day instead of at specific times has also given Ellie the confidence to start socialising again.
“I’m looking forward to being more social than I have been previously, knowing that someone will be there when I get back to help me get ready for bed.”
And Ellie and her current carer get along so well she’s happy for her to tag along occasionally too.

Ellie sums up perfectly by explaining what makes a good carer:
“Well, I suppose that is as  different as there are different clients with different needs and personalities.  But in general, someone who sees the person they are helping as a person first, with disabilities or medical conditions bolted on separately.”

Ellie also writes a blog about her card making and some insights into her life with a carer which is a great read.

We can give you the same personalised support we give to Ellie.  If you would like to find out more please feel free to call us on 01728 605107 or email care@christiescare.com.