Our carers have a very specific role when they go to a client.  Their job is to support the client in their day to day life, to help them remain independent and safe in their own home and they do an excellent job.

However, thankfully very few of our clients are completely alone in the world and they have friends and family to enrich their lives and our carers will have an impact on their lives too.  So an important consideration for our booking coordinators is to think about how well a carer will fit in and interact with bith a client, and their family.

gingerbread family

Whether the family live in the house with the client, are in the same town and pop in regularly or care from a distance and live overseas the way that the carer works alongside them can determine how successful the placement becomes.  Many of our most successful bookings are the ones where the carer and the family work together to deliver the best results for the client.

Over the years we’ve received many compliments talking about how much our carers have fitted into the family and how much the support of the carer has meant to them.
Some recent thanks that we received:

“You may say it is just your job, but on a personal level you made this process much more relaxed, just for us to know you are there.  You always had a welcome smile and a listening ear for our concerns.”

“I cannot praise her enough, this has all been completely beyond my expectations and has helped ease us into having care for mum, it was difficult for us but she (the carer) has made it so simple.”

“We all consider her (the carer) to be like a friend and we’ll keep in touch with her even though mum has gone.  She made mum’s life better and we will be forever grateful.”

We can’t guarantee that this will be the outcome of every introduction, and it isn’t necessary to make a care package work perfectly well.  But we will always do our best to find a carer that will fit in with your family.  If you are interested in finding out more please do contact our new client team on 01728 605107.