The BBC published an article last week which states that the NHS are pleading with the public to have the flu jab this year.  The jab, available to everyone believed to be in an at risk group (which includes those over 65, pregnant, and both adults and children with long-term health conditions). And everyone in that group is strongly encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible at their local GP.

Care for elderly

If you know somebody that falls into the at risk category please take the time to check that they have made their appointment, and this is doubly important if you are their carer.

Prof Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer, said being protected against flu was vital for certain groups of people. “Severe winter flu and its complications can make people really ill and can kill – you are eleven times more likely to die from flu if you are in a clinical at-risk group.”

October and November are the ideal times to book your appointment with your surgery as they will be getting booked up soon. This year’s jab is protecting against 3 different strains of flu, including the H1N1 strain (swine flu).

For more information on this year’s flu jab have a look at the NHS website or contact your doctor.