Starting a new job is always slightly daunting, but knowing that you aren’t actually going to be doing “your” job for the first week is even more so. My first week of induction to Christies Care took the form of undertaking the exact same training as our new carers.

I was in a group with 6 others, including one male carer. The people in my group came from all walks of life and all had very different reasons to be there. But the thing that united them? They were all caring, friendly, compassionate individuals. Oh and funny! We laughed a lot that week.


It was a fulfilling, but exhausting week. The carers are given a lot of information over the course of 5 days, and tested rigorously.  This is so important because our carers need to feel confident in their abilities to care for the clients and our clients need to be confident in the training that our carers have. Christies assume that everyone is coming in with no care experience (they aren’t all as inexperienced as me!) so everything is covered, including the basics.  Our training programme is second to none and the trainers really know their stuff, having worked in care themselves.

We covered lots of different topics, everything from administering medication to first aid and manual handling to food and nutrition.  In order to get the full experience I also sat the tests that all carers must pass in order to be approved to work with Christies clients, it’s been a while since I sat any written tests.

As well as their induction training, our carers also have to do an annual update on their training; this is compulsory and a great way of making sure that our carers are up to date with everything they need to know to do their best job.