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Spinal Injury Care with Christies Care

A spinal cord injury is sudden and life-changing and may well lead to someone becoming dependent on others for their care.

All too often, the fact that someone needs a carer reduces their independence and constrains their lifestyle significantly.

Live-in carers (or PAs) from Christies Care are specifically trained to encourage independence. It is part of our philosophy and is behind all our training. So that someone with a spinal injury can live in their own home and live life as they want to, with their personal assistant being there to help them do just that.

Christies Care trains all carers to use a hoist alone (where safe practice allows), making our clients lives easier and more independent. We also train all carers to assist with personal care and helping with medication (as well as cooking, cleaning and other housekeeping tasks).

At Christies Care we recognise that bowel care is often an important part of care for someone with a spinal injury and our carers can almost always provide bowel care.

What does it cost? Depending on your wants, needs and management model, the total cost is usually between £900 and £1,300 a week.

Spinal Injury Care: Dr Farrar’s story

Dr Richard Farrar is one of Christies Care’s clients. In July 2000 he had a diving accident, which dislocated his neck at C3/C4. This damaged his spinal cord, to the extent that he is paralysed from the neck down.

Richard has had live-in care from Christies Care since 2002.

Thanks to his determination, to Cambridgeshire Social Services (who pay for his care) and greatly to the Institute of Engineering and Technology benevolent fund, he lives in an adapted bungalow in Cambridgeshire and has been able to live an independent life.

Look at his blog on:


You’ll see that in the past few years he has:

  • Completed his PhD in lasers;

  • Traveled to Greenland, Iceland and Norway on a cruise;

  • Travelled to South Africa for a month’s holiday;

  • Been called up as an expert witness in a high court case in Ireland;

  • Visited the pyramids in Egypt;

  • Been elected Chairman of his local village Parish Council;

  • Helped a friend set up a gardening website (attracting over 10,000 visitors every month);

  • Set up his own advanced home network;

  • Raised over £1,000 for charity via a 17 mile sponsored trundle around Rutland water;

  • Recorded and produced podcasts and radio plays with an actress friend.

“I’ve been a client of Christies Care for more than a dozen years now and I couldn’t praise them enough for the work that they do.”

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