Edna is an independent lady of 97. She was widowed in 2002 and has lived alone since then. She was regularly visited by her family and friends, she could get to her local shops and she played the piano at church services.  However, in May this year, Edna fell and broke her pelvis. It became obvious that she couldn’t live alone any more but she didn’t want to leave her home or lose her independence. Edna spent six weeks in a care home as part of the rehabilitation provided by the local authority after her fall, but it was clear that she didn’t want to continue in residential care. Her daughter decided to look for another option and found out about care at home. After speaking to an old school friend (whose father we had looked after), she contacted us at Christies Care.

Our advisor went out and met Edna and her family, to learn more about what their wants and needs were, and to answer their questions. We then arranged for our carer to start as soon as possible.  Since then, Edna has not looked back. She has two regular carers, who work for her for periods of 3-6 weeks each. When I spoke to her daughter she said:

“There is much less stress now, and the carers help mum with everything, from day to day care through to playing Scrabble with her, which she loves. And at 97, they are still close fought matches!”


The carers are friends and companions for Edna as well as providing practical support. Having live-in carers also means that Edna’s daughter can carry on working, and pursue other activities, without worrying about how her mother is.  It was summed up for her though when one of her mother’s carers said to her: “We work well as a team, don’t we?”