One of our carers shared this lovely poem that she had written for one of her clients this week.

It was February when we first met
That blank look upon your face
But even then I knew that yet,
you were a lady of good grace.

That first night was really hard
Getting to bed was such a struggle
Your walking frame you did discard
So techniques we had to juggle.

Some extra help we had to find
To assist morning and night
One in front and one behind
It took a while to get it right

No words were spoken at the start
Then came looks of recognition
That day I felt you melt my heart
I knew then I had ignition

Each morning greeted with a smile
Arms stretched to have a hug
I´d lie beside you for a while
My long blonde hair you´d tug

Then the words began to flow
some coherent and some not
Your shining eyes and skin aglow
Came words you´d past forgot

You´d read the paper every day
and comment on the news
We´d hold hands and chat away
and you let me know your views

Now I´m back and things have changed
you can get about no longer
Your 90th Birthday just arranged
and still your´re looking younger

Your shining eyes tell your story
The infection of your smile
and I bask in all the glory
That you make my job worthwhile.

Original Poem by Jayne Scully – October 2013