Our client Mrs J has four children. Mrs J has Alzheimer’s disease and although she lives near son and one of her daughters, they can’t cope with looking after her all the time. Her children all need to work, or have children of their own, and don’t have the time to give their mother the care she needs.

Knowing that their mother would hate to go into a home, the family have live-in carers from Christies Care. Mrs J pays £650 a week for her care from Christies Care (the nearest nice care home would have cost her £800 a week).

To save money, her children take it in turns having Mrs J to stay, for a week at a time, every few weeks. Overall, Mrs J stays with her children for between 6 and 12 weeks a year.

During this time, she doesn’t need a carer, so the family are saving between 11% and 23% of the yearly cost of care – without reducing the quality of care their mother gets, or making her have to go to a home.

This also gives the family time to take advice from an IFA and plan for the future.  They are applying for local authority support and are also exploring continuing healthcare funding for when their mother gets worse.