We recently had a lovely thank you email from the family of one of our respite clients. In it the daughter of the client talked about how grateful she and her family were for the support that we had been able to provide for them.


Much of the care provided in the UK is by unpaid family carers, whether by children who bring parents to live with them, spouses who care for their partner, or family working on a rota to make sure all the household tasks are done, dropping in when possible.  These family carers do a phenomenal job and mean that people get to stay out of a home as long as possible. But these family members can’t do everything, at least not without burning out.

Many of these family carers are holding down jobs, running their own households and raising families.  They need some time to themselves, and this can be where we step in.  Our carers can come for a shorter period of time and give the family a break, maybe to take a holiday away, without disrupting their parents routine too much. They can go away safe in the knowledge that our excellent carers are there to look after mum or dad. Or we can provide care on a more regular basis – a week or 2 out of 4 for instance. Helping to spread out the workload and allowing family members to adopt that role again.

Or in the case of our thank you email, this family are looking into the options and wanted to see how her dad would cope with someone in the home with him.  It is a big change, especially if someone has lived alone for a while.  One of the great things about a trial run with Christies Care is that there really is nothing to lose.  You can see how your family adapts to having live in care without having to make big changes (like leaving their home).

 “Her caring abilities certainly exceeded our expectations and she cared for Dad as we would. We were very happy to leave our Dad in her excellent care.

If you would like to know more about how respite care works please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0844 477 6461 or email care@christiescare.com