Dementia care is not easy

Christies Cares about Dementia

On Monday the Care Quality Commission published a report called ”Cracks in the Pathway”, in which they stated:

“It is likely that someone living with dementia will experience poor care at some point while living in a care home or being treated in hospital.”

While the report focused solely on care received in hospitals and care homes, some media reports included care in people’s own homes.


We know that caring for somebody with dementia is often difficult. We also know that the most important thing we can do, to be confident that our clients won’t “experience poor care”, is to train our carers well, and to make sure that the right carers are caring for the right clients – that they get on well.

Fitting clients to carers, so that they get on well, is the core of our business. We explain it more here.

The training though, is what makes it possible for the ‘right’ carers the booking team have found to give good quality care.

Each year around 50 Christies Carers undergo our specialist Dementia training. One of our carers, John Fryer, had this to say about his training:

” The course pulled my experiences together and put it all in clearer focus.”

“The distance learning component gave me the opportunity to reflect on experiences that I had  already encountered in the care of my client. Communicating events to a third party helped me to explore the condition from a different perspective, which gave me a deeper understanding and insight of the  difficulties experienced by both my client and those who care for him.”

“The opportunity to interact with other carers, sharing experiences, problems and solutions was invaluable. Although the condition has common threads, it is apparent that each individual has unique needs in their care regime.” 

I think Helen Drain, our Dementia trainer, sums it up best:

 “We can’t work with the illness, but we CAN work with the Person”




We know how difficult it can be, even with thorough training, to care for someone with Dementia but, with over 25 years experience with dementia care, we have tried and tested systems in place to monitor care, support our carers and respond if the unexpected happens.