Rural Coffee Caravan’s New Website

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The Rural Coffee Caravan is a charity that delivers information and friendship across Suffolk, combating the stress of rural isolation.

They visit rural communities, equipped with coffee, tea, homemade cakes, and most importantly information.

The information provided by the Coffee Caravan helps people gain access to the benefits, services and information they need.

The Coffee Caravan also helps foster community spirit by bringing people together in a relaxed social atmosphere to just chat and get to know each other better.

Christies Care has been privileged to allow their digital marketing department to fully re-design the Coffee Caravan’s website. The remit was for a new site that is fully responsive with accessibility features to make it easier to view by anyone on any device. It also had to present the information clearly and make it easier to contact the dedicated people at the Coffee Caravan.

We think they’ve delivered a modern, attractive site that will hopefully spread the word about this wonderful charity.

“I met Ann a few years ago, and learned about the Coffee Caravan, and what an important job it does. We have kept in touch, and when she mentioned that they needed a new website I thought that we could, and should help! Our own website had just been re-done – Jason did a good job, and knows how to make a good, attractive website, so it made sense to offer his services.

I am very glad we have. Anybody who knows what good the Coffee Caravan does, would want to help them.”

Freddy Gathorne-Hardy, Managing Director, Christies Care

“We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Freddy Gathorne-Hardy and Christie Care who have been so generous in giving us this new dynamic website. Also for gifting us time from their wonderful web developer, Jason, to set it up for us and train us to be able to manage it ourselves.

Having the new website benefits everyone, because it will be much easier for the public to see what we can offer them and where we are going to be. It also means we will now be able to reach more rurally-isolated people and provide more up-to-the-minute information about all the agencies and services we want everyone to be able to access.

Plus, it’s beautiful! This is not something we could have achieved without their amazing support.”

Ann Osborn, Project Manager, Rural Coffee Caravan

If you’d like to help, have them help you or just find out more about the Rural Coffee Caravan you can visit their new site at: