Spirituality and Faith Needs

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We have just carried out an assessment for someone, and her son rang up afterwards. “We didn’t have time at the meeting, but I want to tell you that my mother is a committed Christian,” he said “is it possible for you to find a carer who is an Anglican, who will understand her commitment, and will be there for her spiritually?”

The answer is yes, but please give us time.

We know our carers well, and so are able to identify a carer who is Anglican, who has strong beliefs, who is able to support someone spiritually. In fact, this client wants to start care next week, and we have someone who has the right religious beliefs available for work next week. It sounds a perfect fit. However, we find that matching a carer to a client on just one attribute is not necessarily going to be successful. We all have been to parties where someone has said “oh, you are a bird-watcher and so is Peter, you are certain to get on.” And you don’t get on at all.

So, in this case we are going to try to find a carer who fits well with this client as a whole person. Who will be the right person to care for her specific condition, who will have the right outlook to interact well with this particular client. If the carer is Anglican, that is a plus but it is not necessary. Whatever the religion of the carer, she will help her client to live her life as she wants it. We have Jewish carers who take their clients to church, and sit with them through the service, we have Catholic carers who take their clients to mosque, we have atheist carers who ensure that the priest can come and visit their housebound client and will be there for their client spiritually too – whatever her own beliefs.