All of our carers come to Saxmundham each year for an update to their training.  This ensures their skills and knowledge are up to date.  For one carer this year her update came at the right time for her family.

She wrote to thank the trainers for an excellent update and told how grateful she was for the training, particularly the moving and handling elements.  She went on to say that the training has helped her caring for her own mother who has become ill.

Family carers have an important job to do and they do a great job making sure, like our carer here, that their family member gets all the help and support they need.  However, they often end up doing this without any training.


Our training team offer training for local family carers here in Suffolk (and beyond) to ensure that they have the confidence to do what needs to be done for the person they are caring for.

Another important thing for family carers is to ensure they look after themselves, taking breaks where possible.  This is where respite care from us can be invaluable.  It gives the family carer a chance to take a break and recharge, whilst causing minimal disruption to the person who needs care.


If you would like more information on either our training or respite care please don’t hesitate to get in contact by calling 01728 605107. And we send our best wishes to the carer and her family.