We received this letter from our client since 2008, Terence Harlow:

My carer told me that one day she would take me to South Africa to see the wildlife, as I am really interested in the animals. It is my 60th this year and unbeknown to me she made arrangements together with Rob my POA, and on the 1st September we flew to South Africa.

First we went to Cape Town and we went up Table Moutain and had lunch. What a beautiful sight looking over the city and ocean. I could have stayed there all day. I loved the ride up in the cable car which rotates so you get to see all around. We also met up with a past carer of mine Pam which was really nice.

We had lovely dinners at the V & A waterfront, and I had ribs one night and prawns the next. I bought a shirt with all the big five on.

Then we flew to Port Elizabeth to where we were met by a driver to take us to the game park. My what a vast place South Africa is. We arrived and the first animal I saw was a Giraffe eating on the side of the road. We went for morning drive which was followed by breakfast, then an afternoon drive. In the afternoon whilst looking at the monkeys, 3 lion were walking towards us. I truly could not believe how close they were to us, but what a lovely experience to actually see them so close.

As lions are my favourite I was really happy my dream came true, seeing these beautiful animals in their natural surroundings. We were lucky to see all the following animals whilst on the game drives. Hippo, lions, elephants, zebra, Impala, Wildebeest, warthogs, Giraffe, Ostrich. Blesbok, Rhino, Springbok, Buffalo, Gorilla and a Caracal. It ended all too soon as I could have stayed there forever.

Thank Lesley and Rob for making a dream of a life time come true.


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Terence Out of Africa (1)with note

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We’re glad you had a great time, and weren’t eaten…that lioness looks a bit too close for comfort!

A very big ‘Well done’ to Terry’s carer,
Lesley Solomon.

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