A lady came into our office, a couple of days ago, to talk about care.

Her parents are in a local residential home. Her father has dementia, her mother is 93 and is very frail. They can’t cope alone any more, which is why they are in the home.

unhappy in a care homeThe daughter said that she is worried about them. Her mother doesn’t eat much and has got very thin. Why? Because she doesn’t like the food. When she comes home she eats like a horse.

The father has got fat. Why? Because he doesn’t get any exercise. He eats lots (he never was fussy) and just sits in his room all day.

And they both smell. They never used to, ever. They were always very meticulous about their appearance.

So she came to see us, to see if our carers could look after her parents better than this residential home.

They can.

To start with, her parents would have one carer between them, far better than the ratio of one carer to four residents in the best residential homes (and 1:8 or more where they are now).

The carer is there to cook what her clients want, not what is convenient for an institution. So her parents can get appetising, healthy, nutritious meals.

The carer is there to do what the client wants – and encouraging people to take exercise, to do activities, to get out of their chair is an important part of their training and their job.

The carers are there to help people wash, to do the laundry, to do housework. Our clients don’t smell.

In the care home they are paying £850 for each parent (£1700) per week. Our fee is about £850 for both.

The couple are moving back into their own home in about three weeks. We hope that they never have to leave their own home again.