One of our clients Nicola Pates has sent us a letter she’d like us to share in the hope of encouraging others:

I live in Southend-on-Sea. I have cerebral palsy and have always used a wheelchair. My hands were always tight and I couldn’t use them at all. I decided to go to my local college to try learning pottery with the hope that it would help my hands.

Not only has it made a big difference to my hands (I can do jigsaw puzzles without help now), but I really enjoy being creative and making friends at the college. It has been quite challenging as I sometimes get anxious in busy and noisy places.

Although at times I feel nervous about going to college, once I am doing my pottery I get involved and it takes my mind off things and I can relax. My carers give me some physical support in the pottery class and when I struggle with anxiety they offer emotional support.

Eight years later, I have made many pottery items and even sold some, especially my lady figurines. I am always looking in magazines for ideas and inspiration.

I feel that if you want to try something and you feel anxious, just give it a go!